Killing Time

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Killing Time ★★ 1997 (R)

Twisted little English thriller about a day in the life of Italian hitwoman Maria (Torgan), who's working in Northern England. Gangland boss Reilly (Leach) has killed a police officer and revenge is wanted by the cop's mate, fellow officer Bryant (Fairbass). Only Bryant can't really afford Maria so after she does the job, Bryant wants her killed by a cheaper hitman, Charlie (Thirkeld). But Reilly won't be back in town until the evening train—so Maria decides to take out a few of Reilly's henchmen to kill some time, leading to a police investigation (by Bryant), and leaving Charlie itching to carry out his part of the killing spree. 91m/C VHS . GB Kendra Torgan, Craig Fairbrass, Nigel Leach, Stephen D. Thirkeld; D: Bharat Nalluri; W: Neil Marshall, Fleur Costello, Caspar Berry.