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Brycheiniog was a medieval Welsh kingdom whose dynasty is traditionally said to have begun with Brychan, the son of a 5th-cent. Irish chieftain and the daughter of the king of Garthmadrun in the Vale of Usk. His line ended c.940, when Brycheiniog fell under Deheubarth's influence. It was conquered by Bernard of Neufmarché (1093), whose new marcher lordship was known as Brecon (a corruption of Brychan). Brecknock is the English version of Brycheiniog. The lordship was the basis (with Builth lordship) of the new county of Brecon in 1536; it lasted until 1974 when it was incorporated in Co. Powys. Brycheiniog is used as the Welsh version of Breconshire.

Ralph Alan Griffiths