Armstrong, James (Captain)

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Armstrong, James (Captain)

ARMSTRONG, JAMES (CAPTAIN). Continental officer. North Carolina. Armstrong was a captain in the Second North Carolina on 1 September 1775, and colonel of the Eighth North Carolina on 26 November 1776. His unit was part of Lachlan McIntosh's brigade at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777–1778. He retired 1 June 1778. He later became colonel of a militia regiment and was wounded at Stono Ferry, South Carolina, on 20 June 1779.

Another James Armstrong was lieutenant of North Carolina Dragoons from October 1777 to January 1781. A third James Armstrong was from Pennsylvania and served in Lee's Legion.

SEE ALSO McIntosh, Lachlan; Stono Ferry, South Carolina.

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Armstrong, James (Captain)

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