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Qing (formerly Ch'ing) Imperial Manchurian dynasty of China (1644–1911), established by Nurhachi following the collapse of the Ming dynasty. Although founded in 1636, it was not until the fall of Peking in 1644 that the Qing became the official ruling dynasty. The Qing emperors extended their influence, until by 1800 they exercised control over an area stretching from Siam (Thailand) and Tibet to Mongolia and the River Amur. The dynasty weakened in the 19th century, following internal struggles, such as the Taiping Rebellion, and with the increase of foreign influence, particularly after the Opium Wars. It ended with the abdication of Pu Yi in 1911 and the establishment of the Chinese republic.

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Qing a dynasty established by the Manchus that ruled China 1644–1912. Its overthrow in 1912 by Sun Yat-sen and his supporters ended imperial rule in China. Also Ch'ing.