Memphis (Egypt)

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Memphis an ancient city of Egypt, whose ruins are situated on the Nile about 15 km (nearly 10 miles) south of Cairo. It is thought to have been founded as the capital of the Old Kingdom of Egypt c.3100 bc by Menes, the ruler of the first Egyptian dynasty, who united the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt. Associated with the god Ptah, it remained one of Egypt's principal cities even after Thebes was made the capital of the New Kingdom c.1550 bc. It is the site of the pyramids of Saqqara and Giza and the Sphinx.

Memphis is also the name of a river port on the Mississippi in the extreme south-west of Tennessee, named after the ancient city on the Nile because of its river location. Founded in 1819, it was the home in the late 19th century of blues music, the scene in 1968 of the assassination of Martin Luther King, and the childhood home and burial place of Elvis Presley.

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Memphis Ancient city of Egypt, s of Cairo, part of which is now occupied by the village of Mit Ra-hina. Founded in c.3100 bc by Menes, Memphis was formerly the royal residence and capital of Egypt. Material from its ruins was used by the Arabs for building Cairo.