Air and Waste Management Association

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Air and Waste Management Association

Founded in 1907 as the International Association for the Prevention of Smoke , this group changed its name several times as the interests of its members changed, becoming the Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) in the late 1980s. Although an international organization for environment professionals in more than 50 countries, the association is most active in North America and most concerned with North American environmental issues. Among its main concerns are air pollution control , environmental management, and waste processing and control.

A nonprofit organization that promotes the basic need for a clean environment, A&WMA seeks to educate the public and private sectors of the world by conducting seminars, holding workshops and conferences, and offering continuing education programs for environmental professionals in the areas of pollution control and waste management. One of its main goals is to provide "a neutral forum where all viewpoints of an environmental management issue (technical, scientific, economic, social, political and public health) receive equal consideration." Approximately 1012 specialty conferences are held annually, as well as five or six workshops. The topics continuously revolve and change as new issues arise.

Education is so important to A&WMA that it funds a scholarship for graduate students pursuing careers in fields related to waste management and pollution control. Although A&WMA members are all professionals, they seek to educate even the very young by sponsoring essay contests, science fairs, and community activities, and by volunteering to speak to elementary, middle school, and high school audiences on environmental management topics.

The association's 12,000 members, all of whom are volunteers, are involved in virtually every aspect of every A& WMA project. There are 21 association sections across the United States, facilitating meetings at regional and even local levels to discuss important issues. Training seminars are an important part of A&WMA membership, and members are taught the skills necessary to run public outreach programs designed for students of all ages and the general public.

A&WMA's publications deal primarily with air pollution and waste management, and include the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, a scientific monthly; a bimonthly newsletter; a wide variety of technical books; and numerous training manuals and educational videotapes.

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