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Producer and Supplier of Plants and Flowers







41451 Wood Field Run
Armada, Michigan 48005

Danielle Ferris

Bountyfull Farms will produce quality cut flowers and foliage to be sold to florists and wholesalers. We will fill the needs of a niche market and will keep focused on what products to offer our clients. Local production, large diversity of material, and quality fresh products will be our trademarks.


Company History

Bountyfull Farms is located on ten fertile acres east of Armada, Michigan. Although ground was planted first in 2006, Bountyfull Farms has been the dream of owner/grower Rebecca Samuelson for seven years. With a background in horticulture and a creative streak, a fresh flower farm is the perfect outlet for Rebecca’s talents. With a large variety of annuals planted fresh each year as well as many perennials to return every year, Bountyfull Farms offers locally grown fresh cut flowers—the best that Michigan can grow!

Bountyfull Farms will produce quality cut flowers and foliage to be sold to florists and wholesalers. We will fill the needs of a niche market and will keep focused on what products to offer our clients. Local production, large diversity of material, and quality fresh products will be our trademarks. It is our goal to be fully self–supporting within three years.

Management Summary

Rebecca Samuelson, Owner—Ms. Samuelson possesses the skills necessary for such an undertaking. She has earned both an associates degree and a bachelor’s degree in horticulture. In addition to this education, she has seven years of experience at a botanic garden and one year of experience at a landscaping firm. Her strengths include quality production and maintenance of plants with a positive interaction with clients and the general public.

Marketing & Sales

The first year we will grow a majority of annuals with a few perennials started. As revenue is produced, we plan to add perennials to production each year.

The primary market for Bountyfull Farms will be the greater Armada, Michigan area. The area is experiencing phenomenal growth and I hope to tap into that market. The number of markets is growing in the Armada metro area as the area develops and grows. Armada is called a “Rising Smart Growth Star” by the Smart Growth Network.

Armada is the second largest city in Michigan with a population of about 200,000. There are roughly 1.3 million people within the greater Armada metropolitan area, making it the second largest metropolis in the state as well.

In November 1998, Armada was named by Fortune magazine as one of the Top 10 Best Cities for Business in the U.S.

According to Armada/Macomb County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Armada has $500 million in new attractions, meeting facilities and recreational venues.

Median age30.6
Completed at least some college (% of residents)52.6%
Amount spent on vacations (domestic and foreign, household average per year)$6,041
Median family income (per year)$49,677
Family purchasing power (annual, cost-of-living adjusted)$55,817
Sales tax6.00%
State income tax rate (highest bracket)3.90%
State income tax rate (lowest bracket)3.90%
Auto insurance premiums (average for the state)$ 2,575
Job growth % (2000–2005)0.55%

We will spend time this winter approaching local florist shops, acquainting them with our business and products, and then returning later when we have product to sell. We will also approach local floral wholesalers and possibly grocery stores.

Price will be determined by individual varieties of the plants. Price guidelines, such as those from the USDA, will form the basis for the prices charged, but local demand will determine the final cost.


Bouquet Subscription

Bountyfull Farms is pleased to offer a weekly bouquet subscription service. Subscriptions can be purchased ahead of time and, when the flowers begin to bloom, a fresh bouquet can be delivered locally to a location of your choice. Bouquets will reflect what is blooming in the garden that week.

A bouquet subscription is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in! A bouquet subscription can be a wonderful gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, and birthdays (and just because!). Bring a smile week after week to your spouse, your mother, your assistant, someone in extended care, a best friend. Flowers are the perfect way to brighten a home, an office, and a day.

Flowers add a perfect welcoming touch to waiting rooms and offices, as well as foyers and dinner tables. A bouquet subscription can say “Happy Birthday,” “Thank You,” “Get Well,” “Thinking of You,” and “I Love You.”

How it works

Once the flowers begin to bloom, an arrangement will be delivered to you every week. The vases are recycled—so when a new arrangement is delivered, the old vase is picked up. And you will have weeks of beautiful flowers to enjoy!

The subscription service can be purchased in different weekly increments.

  • 4 weeks–$90
  • 6 weeks–$130
  • 8 weeks–$175

For deliveries outside a 15 mile radius from the farm, a $5.00 charge will be added to each delivery.

Flowers by the Bucket

A bucket of fresh flowers to use as you wish—if you would prefer to make your own arrangements, a bucket of fresh flowers can be delivered to you to use as you wish!

Special Events

Bountyfull Farms would be pleased to supply the flowers for your special events, such as birthday parties or special get–togethers. Please contact us to see how we can meet your needs.


We currently have $2,000 in start–up capital for the business. We plan to research possible grants this winter. The owner will keep her regular job until the business is able to support her— hopefully no longer than 2 or 3 years.

We anticipate the needs for the first year to include the following purchases:

  • Seeds
  • Electric fence supplies
  • Hoses and watering supplies
  • Fertilizer
  • Support netting
  • Stem cutter
  • Seeder
  • Support netting
  • Possible cooler unit
  • Miscellaneous (buckets/labels/etc.)

The first year will be a mixed year as we will still be working and doing the farming on the side. However, we hope to generate $5000 net profit next year.

The day–to–day accountant will be Ms. Samuelson. For more in–depth work, we will defer to the accountant, Hugo Stocks. He will be more knowledgeable about farming and what particulars pertain to our situation.


Evenings will be spent harvesting and maintaining the farm. One day a week will focus on delivery and selling what we have harvested. In addition, Saturdays will be devoted to working on the farm with tasks requiring more time that just a few hours here and there.

We do not intend to hire any additional labor. Friends and relatives may be utilized as necessary for small tasks such as bookkeeping and deliveries.

The owner will be living and working out of the farm, so all expenses will be covered at least for the first year. The only additional cost is the necessary insurance for the business. To cover these costs, the owner will maintain regular employment in addition to the farm so that some steady income will be coming in.

The full list of necessary equipment will be researched and purchased this winter. Appropriate purchases will be discussed with some mentor friends who are already in the business.

Professional Affiliations

Bountyfull Farms is a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. The Association was formed in 1988 to unite and inform growers in the production and marketing of field and greenhouse cut flowers. It provides information on growing techniques, marketing strategies, and new developments in the industry that you won’t find anywhere else.


It is our goal to be farming full–time by 2007 or 2008. The more time we can devote to developing the business, the more money we will be able to generate. We are also willing to look into other avenues to make the farm more productive year–round, such as growing/selling cool season vegetables and possibly growing plants to sell. Nevertheless, the primary goal is to introduce many new possibilities for cut flower or well–grown locally produced cut flowers into the local cut flower market.