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ef·flo·resce / ˌefləˈres/ • v. 1. [intr.] (of a substance) lose moisture and turn to a fine powder upon exposure to air. ∎  (of salts) come to the surface of brickwork, rock, or other material and crystallize there. ∎  (of a surface) become covered with salt particles. 2. reach an optimum stage of development; blossom: simple concepts that effloresce into testable conclusions. DERIVATIVES: ef·flo·res·cence / -ˈresəns/ n. ef·flo·res·cent adj.

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effloresceacquiesce, address, assess, Bess, bless, bouillabaisse, caress, cess, chess, coalesce, compress, confess, convalesce, cress, deliquesce, digress, dress, duchesse, duress, effervesce, effloresce, evanesce, excess, express, fess, finesse, fluoresce, guess, Hesse, impress, incandesce, intumesce, jess, largesse, less, manageress, mess, ness, noblesse, obsess, oppress, outguess, phosphoresce, politesse, possess, press, priestess, princess, process, profess, progress, prophetess, regress, retrogress, stress, success, suppress, tendresse, top-dress, transgress, tress, tristesse, underdress, vicomtesse, yes •Jewess • shepherdess • Borges •battledress • Mudéjares • headdress •protectress • egress • ingress •minidress • nightdress • congress •sundress • procuress • murderess •letterpress • watercress • shirtdress •access

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effloresce burst forth as in flower; change to fine powder. XVIII. — L. efflōrēscere, f. EF- + flōrēscere (see FLORESCENCE).
So efflorescence XVII, efflorescent XIX.