Venables, Bruce

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Venables, Bruce


Married Judy Nunn (an actress).




Film Appearances:

Metcalfe, A Cry in the Dark (also known as Evil Angels), Warner Bros., 1988.

Limousine driver, Emerald City, 1988.

Bug man, Weekend with Kate, Video Search of Miami, 1990.

First police detective, Heaven Tonight, New City Releasing, 1990.

Stu, The Girl Who Came Late (also known as Daydream Believer), 1991.

Archie, Deadly, 1992.

McPherson, Seeing Red, 1992.

Mr. Hartley, Big Ideas, 1992.

John Tyke, Shotgun Wedding, 1993.

Crimetime, 1993.

Semi-trailer driver, Spider & Rose, 1994.

Security guard, The Roly Poly Man, 1994.

Petersen, Dad and Dave: On Our Selection, Roadshow Entertainment, 1995.

Gutser, Mr. Reliable (also known as Mr. Reliable: A True Story and My Entire Life), Gramercy, 1996.

Barman, Flynn, Beyond Distribution Sydney, 1996.

Chris's father, River Street, 1996.

Artie, Paperback Hero, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, 1998.

Williams, Bootmen, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2000.

Uncle, Breathe, 2000.

Henry the butcher, You Can't Stop the Murders, Buena Vista International, 2003.

Second Meatworks owner, The Honourable Wally Norman, Becker Entertainment, 2003.

Wally, The Crop, Elliot Bros. Film Distribution, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Gospel singer, Future Past, 1987.

Oily master of ceremonies, Outback Bound, CBS, 1988.

Frank, Touch the Sun: Peter & Pompey, ABC (Australia), 1988.

George Shooks, Mortgage, Nine Network, 1989.

Mr. Hartley, Big Ideas, 1992.

Slampacker, Stark, ABC (Australia), 1993.

Merton, Singapore Sling, Nine Network, 1993.

Willie Monk, Good Guys Bad Guys (also known as Good Guys Bad Guys: Only the Young Die Good), 1997.

John Webb, My Husband My Killer, Ten Network, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Sergio, Heartbreak High, ABC (Australia), 1997.

Tom "Chubb" Clancy, "All at Sea," Water Rats, Nine Network, 1997.

Gerard Gault, "Many Unhappy Returns," Murder Call, Nine Network, 1998.

Tony Kelso, Wildside, ABC (Australia), 1998, 1999.

Lance Petersen, "Late September," Grass Roots, ABC (Australia), 2000.

Stan Morrow, "We Could Be Heroes," Water Rats, Nine Network, 2000.

Bosco, "Valley of the Shadow: Parts 1 & 2," All Saints, Seven Network, 2000.

Haro, "Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves," Always Greener, Seven Network, 2001.

Haro, "The Mating Urge," Always Greener, Seven Network, 2001.

Haro, "What's in a Name?," Always Greener, Seven Network, 2002.

Haro, "A Man Walks into a Bar," Always Greener, Seven Network, 2002.

Michael Nitti, White Collar Blue, Ten Network, 2002, 2003.

Garbo, Snobs, Nine Network, 2003.

Ned Quade, "Begging for It," All Saints, Seven Network, 2005.

Television Appearances; Other:

Dadah Is Death (miniseries; also known as Barlow and Chambers: A Long Way from Home, Deadly Decision, and A Long Way from Home), CBS, 1988.

Policeman, Home and Away (pilot), Seven Network, 1988.

Bates, Chances (series), Nine Network, 1991.



Crimetime, 1993.