Throne, Zachary 1967- (Zach Throne)

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Throne, Zachary 1967- (Zach Throne)


Born April 3, 1967 (some sources say July 9), in Hollywood, CA; married Samantha Throne.


Agent—Artists Group, Ltd., 2049 Century Park East, Suite 4060, Los Angeles, CA 90067.


Actor. Appeared in television commercials, including Bayer Nutritional Science. Also worked as a musician, appearing with Tribute to David Bowie, Mother Pearl, and Cody Carpenter.


Film Appearances:

Simon, Suspicious Agenda, Warner Music Vision, 1994.

Artie Samson, Deceptions II: Edge of Deception (also known as Edge of Deception), Warner Bros., 1995.

Dean Carter, Soulmates, Curb Entertainment, 1997.

Martin, 64 Disks (short), 2002.

Television Appearances; Series:

Lenny Wieckowski, The Heights, Fox, 1992.

Howard, Beverly Hills, 90210, Fox, 1993-94.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Clay, When You Remember Me, ABC, 1990.

Jim Steinman, Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back, 2000.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Larry Vogel, "Brightman SATyicon," The Marshall Chronicles, ABC, 1990.

Officer Stillman, "Marital Blitz," Cop Rock, ABC, 1990.

Officer Stillman, "No Noose Is Good Noose," Cop Rock, ABC, 1990.

Officer Stillman, "Bang the Potts Slowly," Cop Rock, ABC, 1990.

Voice of Mark Winkle, "The Unforgiven," California Dreams (also known as Dreams), NBC, 1994.

Danny, "Much Ado," Party of Five, Fox, 1994.

Danny, "Kiss Me Kate," Party of Five, Fox, 1994.

Danny, "Who Cares?," Party of Five, Fox, 1995.

Neil, "D&B, Inc.," The Huntress, USA Network, 2001.

Dr. Scott, "A Little Help from My Friends," ER, NBC, 2003.

Balloon vendor, "Homebodies," CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as C.S.I., CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Weekends, and Les Experts), CBS, 2003.

Nathan Singer, "Bleak House," The Handler, CBS, 2004.

Various voices, "Avatar Day," Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated), Nickelodeon, 2006.

Various voices, "Zuko Alone," Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated), Nickelodeon, 2006.

Television Work; Series:

Singing voice for actor Aaron Jackson, California Dreams, NBC, 1994-97.


Video Games:

Various voices, Flushed Away, D3P Publisher, 2006.