Skye, Ione 1970(?)–

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SKYE, Ione 1970(?)–

(Ione Skye Leitch)


Given name is pronounced Eye–oh–nee; born September 4, 1970 (some sources cite 1971), in London (some sources cite Hertfordshire), England; raised in Los Angeles, San Francisco, CA, and Connecticut; daughter of Donovan Leitch (a folksinger and songwriter) and Enid Karl (a model); sister of Donovan Leitch (an actor and producer); married Adam Horovitz (a musician, member of the band Beastie Boys, and actor), July, 1992 (divorced, 2000); married David Netto (an architectural designer), March, 2001; children: (second marriage) Kate. Education: Attended high school in Hollywood, CA.


Agent—Steven Muller, Innovative Artists, 1505 10th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401. Manager—Art/Work Entertainment, 260 South Beverly Dr., Suite 205, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.


Actress and director. Worked as a model.

Awards, Honors:

Young Artist Award nomination, best young actress in a motion picture drama, Young Artist Foundation, 1988, for River's Edge.


Film Appearances:

(As Ione Skye Leitch) Clarissa, River's Edge, Hemdale Releasing, 1987.

Deirdre Clark, Stranded, New Line Cinema, 1987.

Denise Hunter, A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1988.

Diane Court, Say Anything…, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1990.

Kit Hoffman, Mindwalk, Overseas Filmgroup, 1990.

Rachel Seth–Smith (some sources cite Rachel Noyce), The Rachel Papers, United Artists, 1990.

Halys Smith, The Color of Evening, 1991, York Home Video, 1995.

Elaine, Samantha, Academy Entertainment, 1992.

Elyse, Wayne's World, Paramount, 1992.

Trudi, Gas Food Lodging, IRS Releasing, 1992.

Eva, Four Rooms, Miramax, 1995.

Frankie, Dream for an Insomniac, Tritone Productions, 1996.

Gabby, Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God … Be Back by Five, Evenmore Entertainment, 1996.

Maggie, The Size of Watermelons (also known as Chicken Blood and Other Fables), Norstar Entertainment, 1996.

Young woman, Cityscrapes: Los Angeles (also known as CITYSCRAPES los angeles), High Octane Productions/Centre Films/FilmTribe Moving Pictures, 1996.

Jenny, One Night Stand, New Line Cinema, 1997.

Rebecca, Mascara, Phaedra Cinema, 1999.

Stephanie, Jump, Arrow Releasing, 1999.

(Uncredited) Kelly, But I'm a Cheerleader, Lions Gate Films, 2000.

Nadia Wickham, The Good Doctor (short film), Chesterfield Motion Pictures, 2000.

Men Make Women Crazy Theory, 2000.

Moonglow, Latitude 20 Pictures, 2000.

Catherine, Free, 2001.

Mama, Chicken Night (short film), Power Up Films, 2001.

Miss Highrise, Southlander, Propaganda Films, 2001.

Angryman, Blue Mutt Productions, 2001.

Jolynn, Dry Cycle (also known as Spin, Shoot & Run), Quantum Entertainment, 2003.

Virginia Rappe, Return to Babylon (also known as Babylon Revisited), Ambyth Productions/Babylon Productions, 2004.

Molly, Fever Pitch, Twentieth Century–Fox, 2005.

Some sources cite appearances in Forever Love, c. 1994 and Das Geheimnis in der Wueste, c. 1998.

Film Director:

Bed, Bath and Beyond (short film), Hi–8 Productions, 1996.

Television Appearances; Series:

Eleanor Gray, Covington Cross (also known as Charing Cross), ABC, 1992.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Pauline, Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story, ABC, 1987.

Herself, E! 101 Most Awesome Moments in Entertainment, E! Entertainment Television, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Joy, Guncrazy, Showtime, 1992.

Carol Madison, Girls in Prison (also known as Rebel Highway), Showtime, 1994.

Kathryn Mitrou Podaras, The Perfect Mother (also known as Kathryn Alexandra and The Mother–in–Law), CBS, 1997.

Diane Shannon, I guardini del cielo (also known as The Sands of Time, Tower of the Firstborn, Il cielo sotto il deserto, and La tour secrete), Radiotelevisione Italiana, 1998.

Emma Matthews, The Clinic, Animal Planet, 2004.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Marie, "Carmilla," Nightmare Classics, Showtime, 1989.

Joanna Dibble, "It's Called the Sugar Plum," General Motors Playwrights Theatre, Arts and Entertainment, 1991.

Minerva "Min" Foo, "Back When We Were Grownups," Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS, 2004.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Guest, Howard Stern, E! Entertainment Television, 1999.

Melina Kroner, "Night Route," The Twilight Zone, UPN, 2002.

Madeleine Wey, "Visions," The Dead Zone (also known as Stephen King's "Dead Zone"), USA Network, 2003.

Guest judge, "South West," Ultimate Film Fanatic, Independent Film Channel, 2005.

Mrs. Veal, "Meet the Veals," Arrested Development, Fox, 2005.

Appeared as Irene, "Gentleman Caller," The Fearing Mind, Fox Family Channel.

Stage Appearances:

Gina Bello, Evolution, Bleecker Street Theatre, New York City, 2002.

Radio Appearances:

Guest, The Howard Stern Radio Show, 1999.


Music Videos:

Guster, "Fa Fa," 2000.



Bed, Bath and Beyond (short film), Hi–8 Productions, 1996.



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