Silo, Susan (Susie Silo)

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Silo, Susan (Susie Silo)


Born in New York, NY.


Agent—Cunningham, Escott, Slevin and Doherty, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 130, Los Angeles, CA 90025; Kjar and Associates, 4637 Willowcrest, Toluca Lake, CA 91602.


Actress and voice artist. Appeared in and provided voices for numerous commercials, including Land O'R Lakes margarine.


Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Equity.


Film Appearances:

Jenny, Love in a Goldfish Bowl, 1961.

Resko's daughter, Convicts 4 (also known as Reprieve and Convicts Four), Paramount, 1962.

Smitty, McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force, Universal, 1965.

Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (also known as Gonggan jonsol Orin), Atlantic, 1985.

Voice of Nara, Robotix (animated), 1985.

Voice of Sandra Shore, InHumanoids: The Movie (animated), 1986.

(Uncredited) Yellow Jacket, Dot and Keeto, 1986.

Voice, Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw, 1988.

Voice of ticket lady, saleswoman, nuclear mother, and Rodney Rodent, Bebe's Kids (animated; also known as Robin Harris "Bebe's Kids"), Paramount, 1992.

Voice of Russell's mother, Once Upon a Forest (animated), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1993.

Voice of third Alien, The High Crusade (also known as High Crusade—Frikassee im weltraum), Pioneer Entertainment, 1994.

Voice of Scat, Babes in Toyland (animated), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists Home Entertainment, 1997.

Voice, Tamagotchi Video Adventures, 1997.

Mrs. Beidekker, Kiss Toledo Goodbye, A-pix Entertainment, 1999.

Voice of Mary the Goat, Dr. Doolittle 3, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2006.

Voice of fourth ant, The Ant Bully (animated), Warner Bros., 2006.

Voice of Flamestrike, Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (animated; also known as A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Tale), Paramount Home Entertainment, 2008.

Film Work:

Additional voice, Jetsons: The Movie (animated), Universal, 1990.

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR), Used People, 1992.

Additional voices, Siegfried & Roy: Masters of the Impossible, Twentieth Century-Fox Home Entertainment, 1996.

Additional voice, Lilo & Stitch (animated), Buena Vista, 2002.

ADR, Dead Silence, Universal, 2007.

Television Appearances; Series:

Rusty, Harry's Girls, NBC, 1963.

Vera Frick, Occasional Wife, NBC, 1966.

Voice of Zelda in sequence three, The C. B. Bears, CBS, 1977.

Voice of Sue Monster, Pac-Man (animated), ABC, 1982.

Voice of She Lion, Kidd Video (animated), CBS and NBC, 1984.

Voice of Compucore and Narra, Robotix, 1985.

Voice, Super Sunday, 1985.

Voice of Ralph, Kissyfur, NBC, 1985.

Voice of Sandra Shore, Cypher, and the Cypheroid, In-Humanoids (animated), syndicated, 1986.

Voice of Mrs. Escrow, Foofur (animated), 1986.

Various voices, Super Dave (animated), Showtime, 1987.

Voice of White Queen and Emma Frost, Pryde of the X-Men (animated), Fox, 1989.

Voice of Siren, Ring Raiders (animated), syndicated, 1989.

Voice of Munchkin Mayer, The Wizard of Oz (animated), ABC, 1990.

Voice of Tess, Zazoo U (animated), Fox, 1990.

Voice, Tom and Jerry Kids Show (animated), Fox, 1990.

Voice, The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda (animated), 1990.

Voice of Mama, ProStars (animated), NBC, 1991.

Voice of Mama Mousekewitz, Fievel's American Tails (animated), CBS, 1991.

Voice of Phido, James Bond Jr., 1991.

Voice, Spacecats, NBC, 1991.

Voice, ProStars, NBC, 1991.

Voice of Fang, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, 1991.

Various voices, Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire (also known as Super Dave), Fox, and Global, 1992.

Voice of Dr. Karbunkle, Biker Mice from Mars (animated), syndicated, 1993-96.

Voice, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, Fox, 1994.

Voice of Jungle Janet and Jet Valkyrie, The Tick (animated), Fox, 1994-96.

Voice of Skiddoo, The Twisted Adventures of Felix the Cat (animated; also known as The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat), CBS, 1995.

Voice of Polly, Channel Umptee-3 (animated), The WB, 1997.

Miss Nanny, Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks, PBS, 2003.

Voice of Wuya, Xiaolin Showdown, The WB, 2003-2006.

Voice of Slug and Miranda Beast, W.I.T.C.H. (animated), ABC Family, 2005.

Voice of Dr. Karbunkle, Biker Mice from Mars (animated), Fox, 2006-2007.

Voice of Santana of the Dead, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, Nickelodeon, 2007.

Television Additional Voices; Series:

The Smurfs (animated; also known as Smurfs Adventures), NBC, 1981.

Tale Spin (animated), syndicated, 1990.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers (animated; also known as The New Adventures of Captain Planet), TBS and syndicated, 1990.

Darkwing Duck (animated), ABC and syndicated, 1991.

Where Waldo? (animated; also known as Where's Wally?), CBS, 1991.

The Toxic Crusaders (animated), syndicated, 1991.

Where's Waldo? (animated; also known as Where's Wally and Where's Wally?), 1991-92.

The Addams Family, 1992.

The Twisted Adventures of Felix the Cat (animated; also known as The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat), CBS, 1995.

All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series, syndicated, 1996.

Additional voice, Channel Umptee-3 (animated), The WB, 1997.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Shirley Lemberg, Marriage: Year One, NBC, 1971.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Voice of Miss Taylor, Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus, 1974.

Little Red Riding Hood, "Little Red Riding Hood," Once Upon a Brothers Grimm, 1977.

Voice of Sue Monster, Pac-Man Halloween Special (animated), 1982.

Voice of Sue, Christmas Comes to Pacland (animated), ABC, 1982.

Voice of the White Queen, Pryde of the X-Men, 1989.

Voice of Janet, Cathy's Valentine (animated), 1989.

Voice, Daisy-Head Mayzie, TNT, 1995.

Voice, Siegfried & Roy: Masters of the Impossible, Fox, 1996.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

April Fleming, Always April, CBS, 1961.

Nancy Prentice, Brilliant Benjamin Boggs, NBC, 1966.

Odette, the German spy, Heck's Angels, CBS, 1976.

Voice, Lucky Lydia (animated), Cartoon Network, 2000.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

(As Susie Silo) "Dick Clark Show," The Jack Benny Program (also known as The Jack Benny Program), 1960.

JoAnn, "Dobie Does the Beatnik," The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, 1960.

Suzy Thomas, "Airborne," Ripcord, 1961.

April Fleming, "Always April," The Ann Southern Show, 1961.

"Cougar," Sea Hunt, 1961.

Vicki, "Mystery of the Swamp," Miami Undercover, 1961.

Marva, "And the Cat Jumped Over the Moon," Route 66, 1961.

Betty Whitaker, "The Joe Muharich Story," Wagon Train (also known as Major Adams, Trail Master), NBC, 1961.

Lita, "Tusitala," Hawaiian Eye, 1961.

Angela Beggs, "Coming Home," Alfred Hitchcock Presents, NBC, 1961.

MacCormack, "The Fire Dancer," Empire, NBC, 1962.

Shannon Malloy, "Shannon Malloy," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1962.

Amy Beckett, "Quarantine," The Tall Man, 1962.

Barbara Eddy, "Read No Evil," Sam Benedict, NBC, 1963.

Susan, "The David Garner Story," Wagon Train (also known as Major Adams, Trail Master), ABC, 1963.

Taymanee, "Two Plus One," Have Gun—Will Travel, 1963.

Marie Eckles, "A Very Private Affair," The Lieutenant, 1963.

Babette, "Babette, Go Home," McHale's Navy, ABC, 1964.

Susan Silver, "Love the Giver," The Greatest Show on Earth, 1964.

Phoebe McPhee, "Who Killed Everybody?," Burke's Law (also known as Amos Burke, Secret Agent), 1964.

Annice, "The Town That Went Away," Combat!, 1964.

Elena Miguel, "Woman of Fire," Bonanza (also known as Ponderosa), NBC, 1965.

Little Willow, "The Night of the Double-Edge Knife," The Wild Wild West, CBS, 1965.

Anna Paola, "The Children's Day Affair," The Man from U.N.C.L.E., NBC, 1965.

Mousey, "A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away," Batman, ABC, 1966.

Mousey, "When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play," Batman, ABC, 1966.

Janine, "Our Boy in Washington," My Three Sons, CBS, 1966.

Angie, "I Can Hear the Ice Melting," Dr. Kildare, 1966.

Angie, "No Other Road," Dr. Kildare, 1966.

Rita Lane, "The Long Night," Gunsmoke (also known as Gun Law and Marshal Dillon), CBS, 1969.

Ada Moon, "Next Week, East Lynne," Here Come the Brides, 1969.

Yvonne, "Computerman/Parlez Vous/Memories of You," The Love Boat, ABC, 1978.

Mrs. Barney, "Catch a Falling Star," Highway to Heaven, NBC, 1984.

Yvette, "The Unbearable Lightness of Boring," L.A. Law, NBC, 1989.

Voice of Neptunia, "Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 1," Darkwing Duck (animated), ABC and syndicated, 1991.

Voice of Mama Mousekiwitz, "Fievel, the Lonesome Ranger," Fievel's American Tails (animated), 1992.

Voice, "Airborne Odie/Once Upon a Time Warp/Bride and Broom," Garfield and Friends (animated), 1992.

Voice, "The Cartoon Cat Conspiracy/Who Done It?/The Picnic Panic," Garfield and Friends (animated), 1992.

Mom, "The Secret Crush Show," Night Stand (also known as Night Stand with Dick Dietrick and Nightstand), 1995.

Voice, "Home Is Where the Horror Is," Extreme Ghostbusters (animated), 1997.

Voice of Euro Trash number five, Euro Trash number six, and Amelie Roon, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Cartoon Network, 2004.

Voice of fisherman's wife, "The Storm," Avatar: The Last Airbender (animated), Nickelodeon, 2005.

(English version) Voice of Zofis, "So Giaku, the Water Dragon of Rage!," Zatch Bell!, 2006.

Voice of Rose Nylund, girl, and Louis' sister, "Cracked China," Robot Chicken (animated), Cartoon Network, 2006.

Also appeared as voice of Stinky Witch and Ladybug, "The Thing You Drew/That Sinking Feeling/Insect Aside," ChalkZone (animated), Nickelodeon.

Television Additional Voices; Episodic:

"King for a Day," The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (animated), 1980.

Stage Appearances:

A Thousand Clowns, 1964.


Video Games:

Voice of Madame Cazanoux, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Sierra On-Line, 1993.

Voice of Baba Yaga, Fenris, Olga Stovich, and Tatiana the Queen of the Faery Folk, Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness, Sierra, 1994.

Voice of Helen Back and Madame Ovaree, Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist, 1994.

Tamagotchi CD-ROM, 1997.

Voice of Madame Girard and Marcie, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, Sierra On-Line, 1999.

Various voices, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Interplay, 2000.

Voice, Sacrifice, 2000.

Voice of Executrix Council, Emperor: Battle for Dune, Electronic Arts, 2002.

Voice of Councilor Uja'da, Earth and Beyond, Electronic Arts, 2002.

Voice of Old Soul number four, RTX Red Rock, LucasArts Entertainment, 2003.

Voice of Madam Amberley and Nina Cortex, Crash Twinsanity (also known as Crash Bandicoot 5), Vivendi Universal Games, 2004.

(English version) Voice of Zofis, Konjiki no Gasshu Beru!!: Yujo tagu batoru 2 (also known as Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Battles), Bandai Games, 2005.

Voice of old women and mature women, Crash Tag Team Racing, Vivendi Universal Games, 2005.

(English version) Voice of Zofis, Konjiki no Gasshu Beru!!: Gekito! Saikyo no mamanotachi (also known as Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Fury), Namco Bandai Games America, 2005.

(English version) Voice of Lindsay Harris, Dead Rising, Capcom Entertainment, 2006.

Voice of Wuya, Xiaolin Showdown, Konami Digital Entertainment America, 2006.

Voice of Clotho, God of War II, Sony Computer Entertainment America, 2007.

Video Games (as Additional Voices):

(English version) Tales of Symphonia, Vivendi Universal Games, 2003.



Susan Silo Website,, October 8, 2008.