Rist, Robbie 1964–

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RIST, Robbie 1964–

(Robbie Reist, Robbie Ryst)


Full name, Robert Anthony Rist; born April 4, 1964, in La Mirada, CA.

Addresses: Contact—P.O. Box B67, Woodland Hills, CA 91365. Agent—Cunningham/Escott/Dipene & Associates, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 140, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Career: Actor and musician. Performer at various venues; member of the bands Wonderboy and the Andersons. Spidercrab West Studios, founder (with Mike Simmons), producer, and recording technician; Dynamics Direct, recording engineer and producer. Worked in a movie theatre. Also known as Robbie Reist.

Awards, Honors: Young Artist Award nomination, Young Artist Foundation, best young actor—television special, 1981, for The Big Hex of Little Lulu.


Television Appearances; Series:

Cousin Oliver, The Brady Bunch, ABC, 1974.

Glendon Farrell, Lucas Tanner, NBC, 1974–1975.

Little John Martin, Big John, Little John, NBC, 1976–1977.

Galactica 1980 (also known as Battlestar Galactica), ABC, 1980.

Voice of Whiz, Kidd Video (live action and animated), NBC, 1984–1987, CBS, 1987.

Voice of Itsuki "Iggy" Takeuchi, Initial D (animated; also known as Initial D: First Stage), Fuji Television Network, beginning 1998.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Danny Magee, Having Babies II, ABC, 1977.

Davey, Jr., The Solitary Man, CBS, 1979.

Vernon, Aunt Mary, CBS, 1979.

Dr. Zen, Conquest of the Earth (also known as Galactica III: Conquest of the Earth), 1980.

Rick Gregory, Gridlock (also known as The Great American Traffic Jam), NBC, 1980.

Kevin, The Last to Go, ABC, 1991.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Raymond, Alexander, Alexander (also known as Alexander), ABC, 1973.

Reporter, The Rowan Martin Report, ABC, 1975.

The Paul Lynde Comedy Hour, ABC, 1975.

Ernie Beane, Instant Family, NBC, 1977.

Joey Trimble, My Dear Uncle Sherlock, ABC, 1977.

Calvin Brundage, The Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid, ABC, 1979.

Iggie, The Big Hex of Little Lulu (also known as Little Lulu), ABC, 1979.

Tip the psychic predictor, Gossip, NBC, 1979.

Bonkers, Through the Magic Pyramid (also known as Tut and Tuttle), NBC, 1981.

Voice, The Wish That Changed Christmas, CBS, 1991.

(And in archive footage) Himself, VH1 Where Are They Now: Former Childstars, VH1, 2000.

Voice of Mick Dixon, The Electric Piper (animated), Nickelodeon, 2003.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Ray, "Five Yards of Trouble," Petrocelli, NBC, 1975.

Martin, Grady, NBC, 1975.

"No Hiding Place," Medical Center, CBS, 1975.

"Open Contract," Bronk, CBS, 1975.

Andrew, "Angel of Mercy," The Bionic Woman, ABC, 1976.

Andrew, "Canyon of Death," The Bionic Woman, ABC, 1976.

Andrew, "Claws," The Bionic Woman, ABC, 1976.

David Baxter, "My Son, the Genius," The Mary Tyler Moore Show, CBS, 1976.

David Baxter, "Ted and the Kid," The Mary Tyler Moore Show, CBS, 1976.

John Stevens, "The Burger Queen," What's Happening!!, ABC, 1976.

David Baxter, "The Last Show," The Mary Tyler Moore Show, CBS, 1977.

Magic Mondo segment, "Show 22," The Krofft Supershow, ABC, c. 1977.

Brian, "Neighborhood Watch," CHiPs, NBC, 1978.

Jeff, "Cry Wolf!," CHiPs, NBC, 1978.

"The Pariah," Lucan, ABC, 1978.

Nick, "The Surrogate," Trapper John, M.D., CBS, 1979.

"The Greatest Adventures of CHiPs," CHiPs, NBC, 1979.

Terry McDaniels, "Trapdoors," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1981.

Russell, "This Year's Riot," CHiPs, NBC, 1982.

Chip, "A Chip Off the Old Block," Whiz Kids, CBS, 1983.

Corky Weatherly, "How Green Was My Murder," Shadow Chasers, ABC, 1985.

Nick, "Sky Knight," Knight Rider, NBC, 1985.

"Trouble in the Stars," The Wizard, CBS, 1986.

Voice of Brian Daly, "Baby–Doll," Batman: The Animated Series (animated), Fox, 1994.

Voice, "Rage," Extreme Ghostbusters (animated), syndicated, 1997.

Voice, Invasion America (animated), The WB, 1998.

Voice of Jack, Monster Farm (animated), Fox Family Channel, c. 1998.

Voice of Laird, "Dead Ringer," The Weekenders (animated; also known as Disney's The Weekenders), ABC, 2000.

Himself, "The Brady Bunch Episode," The Weakest Link, NBC, 2001.

Voices of Tired and a leprechaun, "Sick 'n' Tired in Bug Bite!" (also known as "Sick 'n' Tired: Bug Bite"), Oh Yeah! Cartoons (animated), Nickelodeon, 2002.

Himself, "Robbie Rist," Star Dates, E! Entertainment Television, 2003.

Also appeared in Magnum, P.I, CBS.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Glendon, Lucas Tanner, NBC, 1974.

Television Work; Specials:

Musician and (uncredited) additional voices, Rocky Horror 25: Anniversary Special, PBS, 2000.

Film Appearances:

Betty's son, Memory of Us, 1974.

Randy Remington, He Is My Brother, Magnum Entertainment, 1976.

Milo, Iron Eagle, TriStar, 1986.

Oscar, Dirty Laundry, Skouras, 1987.

Corvette kid's friend, She's Out of Control, Columbia, 1989.

Voice of Michaelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, New Line Cinema, 1990.

Voice of Michaelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, New Line Cinema, 1991.

Voice of Michaelangelo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (also known as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time), New Line Cinema, 1993.

Voice of Star, Balto (animated), Universal, 1995.

Bob, Unseen Evil (also known as The Unbelievable and Unseen), Monarch Home Video, 1999.



Robbie Rist, 1995.

Albums with Wonderboy:

Wonderboy, Racer Records, 1993.

Abbey Road to Ruin, Racer Records, 1996.

Napoleon Blown Apart, Racer Records, 1997.

Albums with the Andersons:

Closet Pop Freak, 1996.

Pop under the Surface 2, 1997.

Separated at Birth, 1998.

Tribute to the Left Banke, 1999.

Replacements Tribute, 2000.

Family Secrets, 2001.

International Pop Overthrow 4, 2001.

Paul McCartney Tribute, 2001.

Video Games:

Voice of Aaron, Star Warped, Parroty Interactive, c. 1998.

(As Robbie Ryst) Voice of Maroda, Final Fantasy X (also known as FFX, Final Fantasy 10, and Final Fantasy X International), Square Enix, 2001.

Voice of Maroda, Final Fantasy X–2 (also known as Fainaru fantajii X–2), Square Enix, 2003.



Robbie Rist Official Site,http://wwwrobbierist.com, June 6, 2004.