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PEEPLES, Nia 1961


Full name, Verinia Gwendolyn Peeples; born December 10, 1961, in Hollywood, CA; daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (a flamenco dancer) Peeples; married Guy Ecker (an actor), 1984 (divorced, 1986); married Howard Hewett (a singer), 1989 (divorced, 1993); married Lauro Chartrand (a stunt performer), November 22, 1997; children: (first marriage) Christopher; (second marriage) two daughters; (third marriage) Sienna Noel (daughter). Education: Attended University of California, Los Angeles; studied acting at Playhouse West. Avocational Interests: Hiking, rollerblading, skiing, tandem surfing, charity work.

Addresses: Agent David Rose, Innovative Artists Talent, 1999 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 900676022. Manager Ben Levine, Envision Entertainment, 9255 Sunset Blvd., Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Career: Actress, singer, and director. Performer at nightclubs and concerts; also works as songwriter and choreographer. Appeared in commercials for HiC beverages, McDonald's restaurants, Pepsi soft drinks, and other products, and in public service commercials, including one promoting AIDS prevention, 1985.

Awards, Honors: Billboard and Cashbox awards for best new vocalist, best single, and best video choreography.


Television Appearances; Series:

Darcie, The Music Shoppe, 1981.

Mallory, Days of Our Lives (also known as Cruise of Deception: Days of Our Lives, Days, and DOOL ), 1983.

Carla Escobar, General Hospital, ABC, 19831984.

Host, Teen Scene, Fox, 19841985.

Nicole Chapman, Fame, syndicated, 19841987.

Host from Los Angeles, Top of the Pops, CBS, 19871988.

Host, MTV Friday Night Street Party, MTV, 1989.

Serena Cruz, a recurring role, Nasty Boys, NBC, 1990.

Host, The Party Machine with Nia Peeples, syndicated, 1991.

Veronica Gilbert, Courthouse (also known as Courtroom ), CBS, 1995.

Lily Gannon, Crisis Center, NBC, 1997.

Cohost, It's a Miracle, PAX, 19981999.

Sydney Cooke, Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, beginning 1998.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Deaf girl, A Single Light, HBO, 1981.

Maria Detney, Swimsuit, NBC, 1989.

Cathy Redding, Perry Mason: The Case of the Silenced Singer, NBC, 1990.

Annie, My Name Is Kate, ABC, 1994.

Sasha Townes, XXX's and OOO's, CBS, 1994.

Allie Thompson, Deadlocked: Escape from Zone 14 (also known as Deadlock 2 ), Fox, 1995.

Dr. Elizabeth English, Mr. Stitch, SciFi Channel, 1995.

Janet Reardon, Robin Cook's Terminal (also known as Terminal ), NBC, 1996.

Nikki Cruise, Bloodhounds II, USA Network, 1996.

Jill Whitman (some sources cite Jill Perry), "Tower of Terror," The Wonderful World of Disney, ABC, 1997.

Angel, Poodle Springs, HBO, 1998.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Agostina Vega, Return to Lonesome Dove, CBS, 1993.

Herself, I Love the '80s, VH1, 2002.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

This Is the Life, 1981.

Guest, American Bandstand, 1983.

Zita Henriques, "The Sultan of Swat," Tales of the Gold Monkey, ABC, 1983.

Maria Dominguez, "Gang War," T. J. Hooker, ABC, 1983.

Waitress, "Flying Down to Rio," Hardcastle and McCormick, 1983.

Guest, Merv Griffin, 1984.

American Video Awards, 1984.

Guest, Good Morning, America, 1984, 1985.

Top of the Pops, 1987.

Guest, Video Soul, Black Entertainment Network, 1988.

Guest, Soul Train, 1988.

Guest, The Byron Allen Show, 1988.

Guest, Regis and Kathie Lee, 1988.

Guest, Club MTV, MTV, 1988, 1989.

Morgan Girard, "The Starlet," Matlock, NBC, 1989.

Guest, After Hours, 1989.

Guest, Live from L.A., Black Entertainment Network, 1991.

Guest, Arsenio Hall, multiple appearances, 1991, 1992.

Sierra Smith, "Treasure of Sierra Smith," The New WKRP in Cincinnati, 1992.

Sierra Smith, "Chicago Story," The New WKRP in Cincinnati, 1992.

Guest, Video Soul, Black Entertainment Network, 1992.

Nefertiri, "Pharaoh's Daughter," Highlander (also known as Highlander: The Series ), syndicated, 1994.

Angela Evans, "Fallen Angela," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1994.

Guest, George & Alana, 1995.

The Puzzle Place, PBS, 1996.

Sister Mary, "Angels and Devils," Early Edition, CBS, 1997.

Guest, Late Night with Conan O'Brian, 1997.

Guest photographer, Cannon Safari Shoot, 1997.

Guest, The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show, 1997.

Guest, Regis and Kathie Lee, 1998, 2000.

Access Hollywood, 1998.

Guest, The View, 1999.

Celebrity Homes 2000, E! Entertainment Television, 2000.

Access Hollywood, 2000.

Celebrity Dish, 2000.

The Ainsley Harriet Show, 2000.

Also performed as guest "VJ" for MTV cable network, 1989.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Host, DTV, The Disney Channel, 1985.

Grammy's Salute to Leonard Bernstein, 1986.

Happy Birthday Hollywood (also known as Happy 100th Birthday Hollywood ), ABC, 1987.

Videopolis Superstar Special, The Disney Channel, 1988.

Host, The World's Greatest Stunts, Part II, Fox, 1990.

Cohost, Hard Rock Cafe New Year's Eve Special, 1991.

"I Hate the Way I Look," ABC Afterschool Specials, ABC, 1993.

Blues Brothers 2000 Premiere Party, VH1, 1998.

Hollywood Christmas Parade 99, UPN, 1999.

Where Are They Now?, VH1, 2000.

Appeared with the group the Young Americans on a cablebroadcast Christmas special hosted by Liberace.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Serena Cruz, Nasty Boys, NBC, 1989.

Valerie, CBS, 1992.

Lisa, Marker, UPN, 1995.

Crazy Love, NBC, 1995.

Beth Jenkins, Alone with a Stranger, The Disney Channel, 2000.

Miss Chang, Meet the Changs, ABC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Awards Presentations:

The 42nd Annual Golden Globe Awards, 1985.

ABC World Stunt Awards, 2003.

Film Appearances:

Herself, All You Can Dream, 1986.

Kiani, North Shore, Universal, 1987.

Scarpelli, DeepStar Six, TriStar, 1989.

Theresa Garabaldi, I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore, Skouras Pictures, 1992.

Bernadette, Improper Conduct, Everest Pictures, 1994.

Lieutenant Elizondo, Blues Brothers 2000, Universal, 1998.

Heather Anderson, The Riff, All Channel Films, 2001.

49er Six, Half Past Dead, Screen Gems, 2002.

Film Work; Song Performer:

"You Don't Have to Ask Me Twice," Sing, 1989.

"Street of Dreams," The Cutting Edge, 1992.

Film Work; Other:

Producer and director, Treading Water (short film), 2002.

Stage Appearances:

Appeared on stage with the cast of the television series The Music Shoppe; toured Japan and Korea with the singing group the Young Americans.

Radio Appearances; Specials:

Host, He Ain't Heavy: Boys Town National Hotline, 1992.



Nothin' But Trouble, Mercury, 1988.

Sing (original soundtrack recording), 1989.

Nia Peeples, Charisma Records, 1991.

Contributor to albums, including Awesome Hits, Hot Ladies of the 90's, Shut Up and Dance, This Is Music 92, and Young Americans.


Highlander Bloopers, 1994.

Appeared in the music videos "Trouble," 1988; "High Time," 1989; "Street of Dreams," 1992; and "Kissing the Wind," 1992.



Coauthor, Treading Water (short film), 2002.


Author of the pilot Educating Annie.



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