Morshower, Glenn 1959–

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Morshower, Glenn 1959–

(Glen Morshower)


Some sources cite original name as Glenn Bennett or Glenn Morchower; born April 24, 1959, in Dallas, TX; married Carolyn, December 30, 1978; children: two.


Agent—Stone Manners Talent and Literary Agency, 6500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550, Los Angeles, CA 90048; Russ Mortensen, Pacific Artists Management, 685-1285 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 3X8, Canada; Linda McAlister, Linda McAlister Talent, 100 Oak Lane, Waxahachie, TX 75167-8412; (commercials) Pat Brannon, Brady, Brannon & Rich, 5670 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 820, Los Angeles, CA 90036.


Actor. Extra Mile, motivational speaker.


Screen Actors Guild.

Awards, Honors:

Screen Actors Guild Award nomination (with others), outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series, 2007, for 24.


Television Appearances; Series:

Vietnam War Story, HBO, 1987-88.

Chief petty officer Ned Bannon, JAG, NBC, 1995-96, CBS, 1997-2005.

Andrew Pritchett, C-16: FBI (also known as C-16), ABC, 1997-98.

Colonel Gerald Kanin, Strange World, ABC, 1999-2002.

Sheriff Brian Mobley, a recurring role, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as C.S.I., CSI, CSI: Las Vegas, CSI Weekends, and Les experts), CBS, 2000-2001.

Mike Chrysler, a recurring role, The West Wing (also known as West Wing and El ala oeste de la Casablanca), NBC, 2001-2002.

Aaron Pierce, 24 (also known as Twenty Four and 24 Hours), Fox, 2001—.

Chad Clarke, Friday Night Lights, NBC, 2007—.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Dream West (also known as Das Abenteuerliche Leben des John Charles Fremont and Der Grosse Traum), CBS, 1986.

Sonar operator (Moray), War and Remembrance, ABC, 1989.

Air force captain, Intruders, CBS, 1992.

Detective Prell, Innocent Victims (also known as Erreur judiciaire and Sijaiskaersijaet), ABC, 1996.

Robert Donner, Sole Survivor (also known as Dean Koontz's "Sole Survivor"), 2000.

Officer, Blonde (also known as Marilyn Monroe), CBS, 2001.

747 pilot, Category 6: Day of Destruction (also known as Overload), CBS, 2004.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Eugene, A Few Days in Weasel Creek, CBS, 1981.

Tom, Skeezer, 1982.

Roe vs. Wade, NBC, 1989.

Captain Spencer, The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson (also known as A corte marcial, Sotaoikeuden edessae, and Tribunal militar para Jackie Robinson), TNT, 1990.

F-18 pilot, By Dawn's Early Light (also known as The Grand Tour and Red Alert), HBO, 1990.

Welty, Follow Your Heart (also known as Walk Me to the Distance), NBC, 1990.

Bennett Lawson, Tagget (also known as Dragonfire), USA Network, 1991.

Prosecutor, Shoot First: A Cop's Vengeance (also known as Vigilante Cop), NBC, 1991.

Detective Gary Graves, From the Files of Joseph Wambaugh: A Jury of One, NBC, 1992.

The Heroes of Desert Storm, ABC, 1992.

Conway LeBleu, In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco (also known as Ambush in Waco and In the Line of Duty), NBC, 1993.

Detective Frank Cryers (some sources cite Kryles), 12:01, Fox, 1993.

Dog handler, Precious Victims, CBS, 1993.

Phil, For Their Own Good, ABC, 1993.

Lieutenant Siler, Confessions: Two Faces of Evil, NBC, 1994.

Trooper, Children of the Dark, CBS, 1994.

Bill Loman, Sketch Artist II: Hands That See (also known as A Feel for Murder and Sketch Artist II), Showtime, 1995.

Alien Nation: Body and Soul (also known as Alien Nation— Die neue Generation, Muukalaiset—ruumis ja sielu, Os novos invasores de corpo e alma, and Przybysze—Cialo i dusza), Fox, 1995.

Ticket seller, Pistol Pete, 1996.

Captain Jim Louben, Runaway Car (also known as Out of Control), 1997.

Sergeant W. Cranston, The Rockford Files: Murder and Misdemeanors, CBS, 1997.

Tim O'Grady, Death Benefit, 1997.

Agent Larrigoy (some sources cite role as Agent Olshan), My Little Assassin, Lifetime, 1999.

(As Glen Morshower) Colonel Jeffries, The Jack Bull, HBO, 1999.

Reed Larkin, Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire, CBS, 2005.

General Cook, Fire from Below, Sci-Fi Channel, 2008.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Billy, "Battered Teachers," Police Woman, NBC, 1978.

Campaign aide, "Black Market Baby," Dallas (also known as Oil), CBS, 1978.

Roadside victim, "Officer Daisy Duke," The Dukes of Hazzard, CBS, 1980.

McAdams, "Man in a Glass House," Hardcastle and McCormick, ABC, 1983.

Vern, "Daisy's Shotgun Wedding," The Dukes of Hazzard, CBS, 1983.

Ensign Burke, "Peak Performance," Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as The Next Generation and Star Trek: TNG), syndicated, 1989.

Hewitt, "Ordinary Heroes," Life Goes On (also known as Glenbrook), ABC, 1989.

Police officer, "The Blues Singer," Matlock, NBC, 1989.

Desk police officer, "Art Conforti," Lifestories, NBC, 1990.

Deputy sheriff Terwilliger, "The Man of the Year," Matlock, NBC, 1991.

Farmer Bob, "The Wedding: Part 2," Full House, ABC, 1991.

Grady, "Justice—May 11, 1965," Quantum Leap, NBC, 1991.

Dan, "Reunion," Baywatch (also known as Baywatch Hawaii and Baywatch Hawai'i), syndicated, 1992.

Major Sloop, "A Gift from Frankie Perazzo," The Human Factor, CBS, 1992.

Orton, "Starship Mine," Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as The Next Generation and Star Trek: TNG), syndicated, 1993.

Ray Otten, Angel Falls, CBS, 1993.

Billy Randolph, "Murder in the Courthouse," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1995.

First guard, "Resistance," Star Trek: Voyager (also known as Voyager), UPN, 1995.

Franke, "Acts of Sacrifice," Babylon 5 (also known as B5, Babylon 5., and Spacecenter Babylon 5), syndicated, 1995.

Special agent Wilson, "Aging Bull," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1995.

"One Mean Mother," Deadly Games, UPN, 1995.

Coach Rooney, "Big Ray," The Secret World of Alex Mack (also known as Alex Mack), Nickelodeon, 1996.

Coach Rooney, "Muckraker," The Secret World of Alex Mack (also known as Alex Mack), Nickelodeon, 1996.

Coach Rooney, "Nerve," The Secret World of Alex Mack (also known as Alex Mack), Nickelodeon, 1996.

Coach Rooney, "Paradise Lost," The Secret World of Alex Mack (also known as Alex Mack), Nickelodeon, 1996.

Mission commander, "Mercury Rising," Dark Skies (also known as Cielo negro, Dark Skies—l'impossible verite, Dark Skies—Oscure presenze, and Dark Skies—Toedliche Bedrohung), NBC, 1996.

Officer Greg Ladich, "Chapter One, Year Two," Murder One, ABC, 1996.

Walter Powell, "MIG-89," Viper, syndicated, 1996.

Aaron Starkey, "All Souls," The X-Files, Fox, 1998.

Agent Falcon, "Double Take," The Crow: Stairway to Heaven (also known as The Crow, Witch Crow, El cuervo, and O corvo), syndicated, 1998.

Colonel Coffee, "Broken Wings," Pensacola: Wings of Gold (also known as Pensacola), syndicated, 1998.

K. C. Garner, "Crossroads," The Sentinel, UPN, 1998.

Richard Gilbert, "The Fourth Horseman," Millennium, Fox, 1998.

Richard Gilbert, "The Time Is Now," Millennium, Fox, 1998.

General, "Inga Fossa," Harsh Realm, Fox, 1999.

Sheriff John, "Normal, Illinois," First Wave, Sci-Fi Channel, 1999.

"Battle Scars," Mercy Point (also known as Space Hospital), UPN, 1999.

Captain French, "Body Talk," JAG, CBS, 2000.

Bob Lappin, "The Year of Living Dangerously," The Agency (also known as CIA: The Agency, The Agency—Im Fadenkreuz der C.I.A., Agentit, Espion d'etat, and La agencia), CBS, 2001.

Interrogation police officer, "Smartest Guy in the World," The Huntress, USA Network, 2001.

Max Scanlon, "Like No Business I Know," Arli$$ (also known as Arliss), HBO, 2001.

Pic Rocker, "Stings Like a Bee," Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family (also known as Cover Me and FBI Family), USA Network, 2001.

Ralph, "Edifice Wrecked," Once and Again (also known as Comecar de novo, Deuxieme chance, Noch mal mit Gefuehl, Una vez mas, and Vielae kerran), ABC, 2001.

Mr. McDonnell, "Shadow Play," Providence, NBC, 2002.

Mr. Newton, "Help," Buffy the Vampire Slayer (also known as BtVS, Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series, Nightfall, Bafi, ubica vampira, Buffy, a vampirok reme, Buffy, cacadora de vampiros, Buffy contre les vampires, Buffy i vampirofonissa, Buffy—Im Bann der Daemonen, Buffy, l'ammazzavampiri, Buffy, la cazavampiros, Buffy och vampyrerna, Buffy—Vampyrdaeberen, Buffy vampyrdoedaren, Buffy—Vampyrenes skrekk, Buffy—Vampyrernes skraek, and Buffy, vampyyrintappaja), UPN, 2002.

Agent Gilmore, "Till Death Do Us Part," A.U.S.A. (also known as Adam Sullivan and Assistant United States Attorneys), NBC, 2003.

Commander Robert Peters, "Sub Rosa," Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (also known as Naval CIS, Navy CIS, Navy NCIS, NCIS, and NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service), CBS, 2003.

Ricky, "Oh Mother, Who Art Thou?," The Division (also known as Heart of the City), Lifetime, 2003.

Sheriff MacReady, "North Star," Enterprise (also known as Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Series V, and Star Trek: Untitled Fifth Series), UPN, 2003.

Walt Cornell, "Blindsided," The District (also known as Washington Police, The District—Einsatz in Washington, Mannions distrikt, and Poliisipaeaellikkkoe Mannion), CBS, 2003.

Bart, "The Trial of Jack McCall," Deadwood, HBO, 2004.

Bill Strand, "Missing Pieces," Crossing Jordan (also known as Untitled Tim Kring Project), NBC, 2004.

Chief of police, "Dog Day Sisco," Karen Sisco (also known as Ofiter Karen), USA Network, 2004.

Marlon Bell, "Blood Ties," Alias, ABC, 2004.

Marlon Bell, "Hourglass," Alias, ABC, 2004.

Matt Borman, "Alienation," Medical Investigation (also known as The Cure), NBC, 2004.

Rick Decoyte, "Intern's Guide to the Galaxy," ER (also known as Emergency Room), NBC, 2004.

Agent Keyes, "Something Wicca This Way Goes," Charmed, The WB, 2005.

Agent Keyes, "Still Charmed and Kicking," Charmed, The WB, 2005.

Sergeant Drury, "Home Again," American Dreams (also known as Bandstand, Miss American Pie, and Our Generation), NBC, 2005.

Sergeant Drury, "Truth be Told," American Dreams (also known as Bandstand, Miss American Pie, and Our Generation), NBC, 2005.

Voice of Shelwyn, "Arlen City Bomber," King of the Hill (animated), Fox, 2005.

Captain West, "Borderline," The Closer (also known as L.A.: Enquetes prioritaires and Se apostasi anapnois), TNT, 2006.

Martin Willowby, "Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever," Monk, USA Network, 2006.

Colonel Bob Reid, "Spaceman in a Crater," Bones (also known as Brennan, Bones—Die Knochenjaegerin, Dr. Csont, and Kondid), Fox, 2007.

Deputy chief Don Alston, "Burning Sensation," Shark, CBS, 2007.

General, "Till We Have Build Jerusalem," The 4400 (also known as 4400), USA Network, 2007.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Donnie, Banner Times, Fox, 1993.

Chief petty officer Ned Bannon, JAG, NBC, 1995.

Andrew Pritchett, C-16: FBI (also known as C-16), ABC, 1997.

Sheriff Stenner, The Wonder Cabinet, Fox, 1999.

Woody, King's Pawn, 1999.

Sheriff Brian Mobley, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (also known as C.S.I., CSI, CSI: Las Vegas, CSI Weekends, and Les experts), CBS, 2000.

Agent Gilmore, A.U.S.A. (also known as Adam Sullivan and Assistant United States Attorneys), NBC, 2003.

General Eaton, Homeland Security, NBC, 2004.

Ted Westerly, Summerland (also known as Immediate Family and Summerland Beach), The WB, 2004.

Film Appearances:

Orville Henningson (some sources cite Orville Henning), Drive-In, Columbia, 1976.

Gallivan, The Bermuda Triangle, Sunn Classic Pictures, 1979.

Jimmy, Dead and Buried (also known as Dead & Buried), Avco-Embassy Pictures, 1981.

Mechanic, The Philadelphia Experiment, New World Pictures, 1984.

Bartender, Defense Play, Trans World Entertainment, 1988.

Coworker, Tango & Cash, Warner Bros., 1989.

Cracker, 84C MoPic (also known as 84 Charlie Mopic), New Century Vista Film Company, 1989.

Opie, Rock-a-Die Baby, 1989.

Ensign Taylor, Under Siege (also known as Dreadnought and Piege en haute mer), Warner Bros., 1992.

Navigator, Star Trek: Generations (also known as Star trek: Generations, Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Movie, and Star Trek 7), Paramount, 1994.

Police officer, The River Wild, Universal, 1994.

Sergeant Richard Day, In the Army Now (also known as You're in the Army Now), Buena Vista, 1994.

Last Detour, 1994.

Lance, Dominion, Prism Pictures, 1995.

Agent Walters, Air Force One (also known as AFO, Air Force One: Avion presidentiel, Air Force One, el avion del presidente, Avion presidencial, Az Elnoek kueloengepe, Forca Aerea 1, Forca Aerea Um, Predsednicki avion, Presidendi lennuk, and Ugrabitev), Columbia, 1997.

Kyle Terrington, Godzilla, Sony Pictures Entertainment/TriStar, 1998.

Person against abortion, Phoenix, Trimark Pictures, 1998.

Stocker, 12 Bucks, Kindred Spirits Productions/Pritcher/Foreman Company, 1998.

Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey, Pearl Harbor (also known as Pearl Harbour and Tennessee), Buena Vista, 2001.

Lieutenant colonel Tom Matthews, Black Hawk Down, Columbia, 2001.

Captain, Blood Work, Warner Bros., 2002.

Commander James J. Humes, The Commission, 2003.

FBI agent, The Core (also known as Core and Fusion—The core), Paramount, 2003.

Ted Boyle, Gacy (also known as The Crawl Space), Lions Gate Films, 2003.

Agent McCaffrey, The Last Shot (also known as Providence, El ultimo golpe, and Luzes, camera, acao), Buena Vista, 2004.

Colonel Anderson, Good Night, and Good Luck, Warner Independent Pictures, 2005.

Lieutenant Leifitz, Hostage (also known as Bajo amenaza, Gisslan, Hostage—Entfuehrt, Mdzevali, Otage, Otages de la peur, Panttivanki, and Refem), Miramax, 2005.

Medical courier, The Island, DreamWorks, 2005.

Admiral Wheeler, Behind Enemy Lines: Axis of Evil (also known as Behind Enemy Lines II: Land of the Morning Calm), Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2006.

Commissioner, All the King's Men (also known as Das Spiel der Macht), Columbia, 2006.

Ryan, Shroud of Echoes (short film), 2006.

Ted Billings, Striking Range (also known as Bloodlines), Serendipitous Films, 2006.

Voice of General Washington, Disaster! (animated; also known as Apollo 13 1/3), Screen Media Films, 2006.

General Walker, Delta Farce, Lions Gate Films, 2007.

Nigel Hamilton, The Waiter (also known as The Waiter: Chronicles of Purgatory), Bacchus Entertainment, 2007.

SOCCENT officer, Transformers (also known as Prime Directive, The Transformers, and Transformers: The Movie 2), Paramount, 2007.

Ranger Bob, Grizzly Park, American World Pictures, 2008.

Film Work:

Coproducer, The Waiter (also known as The Waiter: Chronicles of Purgatory), Bacchus Entertainment, 2007.

Internet Appearances; Episodic:

Himself, 24Inside,, 2006.


Video Games:

Voice of Agent Aaron Pierce, 24: The Game, 2k Games, 2006.

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