Mooney, Debra 1947-

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Mooney, Debra 1947-


Original name, Debra Vick; born August 28, 1947, in Aberdeen, SD; daughter of Henry M. and Isabel (maiden name, Smith) Vick; married Porter Van Zandt (a stage producer and director); children: Kirstin. Education: Auburn University, B.A.; University of Minnesota, M.F.A.


Agent—Jon Williams, Judy Schoen and Associates, 606 North Larchmont Blvd., Suite 309, Los Angeles, CA 90004.


Actress. Circle Repertory Company, member of company. University of Minnesota, worked as instructor; KUOM-Radio, worked as announcer.


Actors' Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Awards, Honors:

DramaLogue Award, for Talley's Folly.


Television Appearances; Series:

Lillian DeBeau, Dream Street, NBC, 1989.

Mrs. Rush, Davis Rules, ABC, 1991.

Sally Franklin, Kirk, The WB, 1995-96.

Judge P. Spindle, a recurring role, The Practice, ABC, between 2000 and 2003.

Edna Harper, Everwood (also known as Our New Life in Everwood), The WB, 2002-2006.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Vangie Lewis, The Cradle Will Fall, 1983.

Calvin's mother, Too Young the Hero, CBS, 1988.

Vera, Joshua's Heart, NBC, 1990.

Woman in audience, How to Murder a Millionaire, CBS, 1990.

Mrs. Stuckey, Breathing Lessons, CBS, 1994.

Dale, Mary & Tim, CBS, 1996.

Violet, Silk Hope, CBS, 1999.

Kat, The Mermaid Chair, Lifetime, 2006.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Mrs. Anderson, "Don't Touch," ABC Afterschool Special, ABC, 1985.

Ellen, "Easel Kill Ya," Tales from the Crypt (also known as HBO's "Tales from the Crypt"), HBO, 1991.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Rage of Angels: The Story Continues, 1986.

Voice, Empires: The Roman Empire in the First Century, PBS, 2001.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

(Television debut) Dr. Petrie, Delvecchio, CBS, 1976.

"Wedding Belle Blues," Kate & Allie, 1988.

Mrs. Wellman, "Hair," Roseanne, ABC, 1990.

Mrs. Wellman, "I'm Hungry," Roseanne, ABC, 1990.

Mrs. Wellman, "Fender Bender," Roseanne, ABC, 1990.

Mrs. Bierman, "The Tortoise & the Harry," Empty Nest, NBC, 1990.

The preceptor, "The Guilty Party," thirtysomething, 1990.

"The Gods Must Be Lawyers," L.A. Law, NBC, 1991.

Nurse Petty, "Ill Will," The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, NBC, 1992.

Peggy, Frannie's Turn, CBS, 1992.

Joan, "The Long Goodbye," Flying Blind, Fox, 1993.

Mrs. Sweedler, "The Bris," Seinfeld, NBC, 1993.

Peg, "Grace in the Middle," Grace Under Fire, ABC, 1993.

Dr. Lee Larkin, "Trickster, We Hardly Knew Ye," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1993.

Receptionist, "The French Conception," Dream On, HBO, 1993.

Herman's mother, "Bedtime for Hermo," Herman's Head, Fox, 1994.

Dr. Lee Larkin, "Anything but Cured," Murphy Brown, CBS, 1994.

Gloria, "Grownups," Party of Five, Fox, 1994.

Rosemarie, "George Destroys a Way of Life," The George Carlin Show, Fox, 1994.

Sarah Gaines, "Along Came a Spider," One West Waikiki, CBS, 1994.

Mrs. Thornton, "Holy Water," Something Wilder, CBS, 1994.

Nurse Deckers, "One Truck, Al Dente," Step by Step, ABC, 1995.

Sister Dorothea, "Mad Without You," Mad About You, NBC, 1995.

Gloria, "Brother's Keeper," Party of Five, Fox, 1995.

Jane Stowe O'Connell, "The Mommy's Curse," Northern Exposure, 1995.

Kasha, "Mr. Nice Guy," Pig Sty, UPN, 1995.

Paulette Brown, "Taking a Gamble," Sisters, NBC, 1995.

Ms. Shaw, "Flesh and Blood," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1996.

Barbara, "Not So Great Expectations," Ellen (also known as These Friends of Mine), ABC, 1996.

Mrs. Taggert, "Coming Clean," Boston Common, 1996.

Professor Isabelle Carnovsky, "To Be There or Not to Be There," Champs, ABC, 1996.

Saleslady, "The Tell-Tale Lipstick," Unhappily Ever After (also known as Unhappily …), The WB, 1996.

Eleanor, "Caroline and the Decanter," Caroline in the City (also known as Caroline), NBC, 1997.

Eleanor, "He Ain't Famous, He's My Brother," The Naked Truth (also known as Wilde Again), 1997.

Idah, "Suburban Myth," Maggie Winters, CBS, 1998.

Mother Superior, "Twisted Sister," House Rules, NBC, 1998.

Leila Morgan, "Rites of Spring," ER, NBC, 1999.

Leila Morgan, "Getting to Know You," ER, NBC, 1999.

Sister Robert, "Sweet (and Sour) Charity," Will & Grace, NBC, 2000.

Ellen Gelman, "Blinded by the Right," Just Shoot Me!, NBC, 2000.

Marjorie Lansdown, "Adoption Day," Judging Amy, CBS, 2001.

Teacher, "Blinded by the White," Any Day Now, Lifetime, 2001.

Brenda Pagano, "Lies of Minelli," Philly, ABC, 2002.

Lee, "The Skit," Everybody Loves Raymond (also known as Raymond), CBS, 2002.

Lee, "Thank You Notes," Everybody Loves Raymond (also known as Raymond), CBS, 2003.

Ruth Washington, "Silence," Joan of Arcadia, CBS, 2004.

Elaine Donahue, "Serving the King: Parts 1 & 2," The Closer, TNT, 2006.

Mrs. Lassiter, "Poker? I Barely Know Her," Psych, USA Network, 2007.

Judge Patrice Webb, "Nuts," Boston Legal, ABC, 2007.

Judge Patrice Webb, "The Good Lawyer," Boston Legal, ABC, 2007.

Judge Patrice Webb, "The Bride Wore Blood," Boston Legal, ABC, 2007.

Also appeared as Grace, All My Children, ABC; and as Molly, The Guiding Light, CBS; appeared in episodes of Love and War and The Principal.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Edna Harper, Everwood (also known as Our New Life in Everwood), The WB, 2002.

Stage Appearances:

Alma Winemiller, Summer and Smoke, Roundabout Stage I Theatre, New York City, 1975.

Vee Talbott, Battle of Angels, Circle Repertory Theatre, New York City, 1975.

Wendy, The Farm, Circle Repertory Theatre, 1976.

Jan Atwater, Stargazing, Circle Repertory Theatre, 1978.

Faye Medwick and standby for Jennie Malone, Chapter Two, Imperial Theatre, New York City, 1978.

Sally Talley, Talley's Folly, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, New York City, 1980.

Goldie Short, The Diviners, Circle Repertory Theatre, 1981.

The Dining Room, Playwrights Horizon Theatre, New York City, 1982.

Betty, A Think Piece, Circle Repertory Theatre, 1982.

Leah Heron, Wonderland, Hudson Guild Theatre, New York City, 1982.

Grace, What I Did Last Summer, Circle Repertory Theatre, 1983.

Lillian Cornwall, Isn't It Romantic, Lucille Lortel Theatre, New York City, 1984.

Mickey, The Odd Couple, Broadhurst Theatre, New York City, 1985-86.

Sally, The Perfect Party, Playwrights Horizon Theatre, 1986.

Diana Eberhart, Another Antigone, Cassius Carter Center Stage, San Diego, CA, 1987, then Bouwerie Lane Theatre, New York City, 1988.

A Dance Lesson, Stage II, Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT, 1989.

Esther Franz, The Price, Roundabout Theatre Company, Criterion Center Stage Right Theatre, New York City, 1992.

Mary Phillips, Getting and Spending, Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, then Helen Hayes Theatre, New York City, both 1998.

Also appeared in Death of a Salesman, Broadway production; as Melissa Gardner, Love Letters, Promenade Theatre, New York City; and in The Sum of Us, off-Broadway production; appeared as Frau Wolf, The Beaver Coat; as Ada, Childe Byron; as Debra, George and Rosemary; and as Blanche, A Streetcar Named Desire.

Film Appearances:

Marilyn Sneider, Chapter Two, Columbia, 1979.

Mrs. Mallory, Tootsie, Columbia, 1982.

Cross Creek, Universal, 1983.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Agent on Ice, Shapiro Entertainment, 1985.

Mrs. Anderson, Dead Poets Society, Buena Vista, 1989.

Ruby, Schemes, 1994.

Voice of actress, Anastasia (animated), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1997.

Voice of black cat, Napoleon (animated), Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1997.

Theresa, Domestic Disturbance, Paramount, 2001.



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