Mooney, Mark P. 1956-

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MOONEY, Mark P. 1956-


Born September 26, 1956, in Chicago, IL; son of Thomas and Jean (Jahrke) Mooney; married Patti J. Dinwiddie, September, 1980 (divorced, October, 1998); companion of Kathy Sydoriak Allen (a professor); children: Meghan M. Ethnicity: "Irish-German." Education: Western Illinois University, B.S., 1978, M.S., 1981; University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D., 1986. Politics: "Liberal Democrat." Religion: "Agnostic."


Home—301 Upper Drennen Rd., New Kensington, PA 15068. Office—Department of Oral Medicine and Pathology, 329 Salk Hall, University of Pittsburgh, 3501 Terrace St., Pittsburgh, PA 15261; fax: 412-648-7535. E-mail—[email protected].


Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, research assistant in biological sciences, 1974-75; University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, research assistant professor, 1986-91, assistant professor, 1991-97, associate professor, 1997-2003, professor, 2003—, research scientist at Cleft Palate Center, 1986-89, director of Surgical Anatomy Laboratory, 1991—, director of Posvar Hal Animal Care Facility, 1996—, director of Bertram Kraus Fetal Histology Laboratory, 1998—. Ross University, visiting associate professor, 1998; Johns Hopkins University, adjunct associate professor, 1999—; Seton Hill College, adjunct associate professor, 1999—; University of Otago, William Evans Visiting Faculty Fellow in structural biology and anatomy, 2000.


International Association of Dental Research, American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association, American Association of Physical Anthropologists, American Association of Dental Research, Sigma Xi.


(Editor, with M. I. Siegel, and contributor) Understanding Craniofacial Anomalies: The Etiopathogenesis of Craniosynostosis and Facial Clefting, Wiley Publishing Group (New York, NY), 2002.

Contributor to scientific and technical books, including Fundamentals of Bone Tissue Engineering, edited by J. O. Hollinger, CRC Press (Boca Raton, FL), 2003. Contributor of more than 250 articles and reviews to scholarly journals, including European Journal of Radiology, European Journal of Oral Sciences, Journal of Anatomy, Laboratory Animal Science, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, American Journal of Human Biology, and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery.


Mark P. Mooney told CA: "My primary motivation for writing is two-fold: the dissemination of scientific information and the assimilation of information for pedagogy. My influences were past giants in the field of physical anthropology and craniofacial biology (for example, Wilton Marion Krogman, Melvin Moss, Adolph Schultz) who allowed me to 'stand on their shoulders' and see a little further. I think my writing style is very succinct and technical. Theoretical topics are much more difficult for me to write about than applied problems. I admire authors like Stephen J. Gould, Carl Sagan, Lewis Thomas, Desmond Morris, and others who have succeeded in bridging the gap between scientists and the general public. They were very effective in imparting their love of nature and the 'secrets of science,' yet still maintaining a professionalism. It is a rare combination."