McGinley, Sean 1956–

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McGinley, Sean 1956–


Born 1956, in Gaoth Dobhair, Donegal, Ireland; married Marie Mullen (an actress); children: Roisin, Mairead.

Career: Actor.

Awards, Honors: Irish Film and Television Award, best supporting actor in a feature film, 2005, for On a Clear Day.


Film Appearances:

Doyle, Fools of Fortune, Lauren Film, 1990.

Father Doran, The Field, Avenue Pictures Productions, 1990.

Hugh, In Border Country, 1991.

Charlo Spencer, The Family, 1994.

Mr. Duggan, Circle of Friends, Buena Vista International, 1995.

Murphy, Dangerous Lady, 1995.

MacClannough, Braveheart, Paramount, 1995.

Smith, Michael Collins, Warner Bros., 1996.

Raymie, Trojan Eddie, Manuel Salvador, 1996.

Detective Roche, Naer Finbar foersvann (also known as The Disappearance of Finbar), Buena Vista International, 1996.

Tommy Breen, A Further Gesture (also known as The Break, Un Gesto mas, and Das letzte attentat), Rosebud Communications Releasing, 1996.

Sylvie, The Very Stuff, 1997.

Sergeant, The Butcher Boy, Warner Bros., 1997.

Frankie Conroy, The Informant, 1997.

Sammy McClure, Resurrection Man, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, 1998.

Gary, The General (also known as I Once Had a Life), Sony Pictures Classics, 1998.

Lipservice, 1998.

Maximillian Hase, Simon Magus (also known as Simon le magicien), Channel Four Films, 1999.

Ian, The Closer You Get (also known as American Women), Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2000.

Sweetley, The Claim (also known as Le maitre de Kingdom Come and Redemption), United Artists, 2000.

Bam, What Where, 2000.

Do Armed Robbers Have Love Affairs? (short), BBC Northern Ireland, 2001.

(As Sean Mcginley) Forty Thieves leader, Gangs of New York, Miramax, 2002.

Detective Inspector Wheeler, Dead Bodies, High Point Film and Television, 2003.

Rector Cathal, Conspiracy of Silence, Watch Entertainment, 2003.

Check the Gate: Putting Beckett on Film (documentary), Ambrose Video Publishing, 2003.

Pa Connors, Pat Shortt: Live and a Bit Dangerous, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2003.

Detective Louis Emeric, Freeze Frame, First Look Media, 2004.

J. P. McCallion, Man About Dog, Redbus Film Distribution, 2004.

Eddie, On a Clear Day, Focus Features, 2005.

Priest, The Wind That Shakes the Baby (also known as Le vent se leve, Il vento che accarezza l'erba, and El viento que agita la cebada), IFC First Take, 2006.

Declan, The Tiger's Tail, 2006.

Bernie, Shrooms, 2006.

Film Work:

Director, The Great Buck Howard, 2007.

Television Appearances; Series:

Ferry, The Hanging Gale, BBC and Bravo, 1995.

Dougy Flynn, Safe and Sound, 1996.

Inspector Beecher, Dr. Bell and Mr. Doyle, 1999.

Detective Sergeant Carl McCadden, DDU, 1999.

Fergal Collins, On Home Ground, 2001.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Charlo Spencer, Family, BBC, 1994.

Ferry, The Hanging Gale, Bravo, 1999.

Ken Latham, Trial & Retribution VIII (also known as Trial & Retribution: Blue Eidertown), ITV, 2004.

Snagsby, Bleak House, BBC1 and PBS, 2005.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Jim Caine, Circles of Deceit: Dark Secret, 1995.

Michael, Dirty Old Town (also known as Rik Mayall Presents "Dirty Old Town"), 1995.

Frankie Conroy, The Informant, Showtime, 1997.

Mr. D., Bogwoman, 1997.

Sergeant Carl McCadden, Making the Cut, 1998.

Inspector Beecher, Murder Rooms (also known as Murder Rooms: The Dark Origins of Sherlock Holmes), PBS and BBC America, 2000.

Shelley, Blue Murder, 2000.

Joe Ryan, Watermelon, ITV, 2003.

I'm a Cripple, The Mighty Celt, Sundance Channel, 2005.

Television Appearances; Specials:

3rd Irish Film and Television Awards, 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Michael Roach, "Trial and Error," Boon, ITV, 1991.

"Opportunity Knocks and Bruises," Minder, ITV, 1993.

Joseph O'Connor, "A Cluster of Betrayals," The Ambassador, BBC, 1998.

Roy, Cold Feet, ITV, 2000.

Sean O'Connell, "Who Killed Cock Robin?," Midsomer Murders, ITV and Arts and Entertainment, 2001.

Tommy Bowers, "Gameboys," The Vice, ITV, 2003.

Bap the Butcher, "Meat Is Murder," Pulling Moves, BBC, 2004.

Bap the Butcher, "Claimitis," Pulling Moves, BBC, 2004.

Bap the Butcher, "The Grandfather Clock," Pulling Moves, BBC, 2004.

Dr. Donald Roper, "Fugue States," Waking the Dead, BBC, 2004.

Billy Farrell, "Therese," Pure Mule, 2005.

Monsignor Tom Jarvis, "A Death Foretold," Taggart, ITV, 2005.

God, The Street, BBC, 2006.

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