Jones, Sam 1954– (Sam J. Jones)

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JONES, Sam 1954
(Sam J. Jones)


Original name, Andrew J. Cooper III; full name, Sam Jerald Jones; born August 12, 1954, in Chicago, IL; father, a traveling salesperson; married Lynn Eriks (a singer, dancer, and actress), 1982 (divorced, 1987); married Ramona Lynn; children: (first marriage) two, including a son; (second marriage) three. Avocational Interests: Tae kwon do.

Career: Actor. John Rossi Youth Foundation Movement, national spokesperson. Also worked as a model, a cook, and a bouncer. Reportedly appeared under original name as a centerfold in Playgirl, 1975. Military service: U.S. Marines.


Film Appearances:

David Hanley, 10, Warner Bros., 1979.

(As Sam J. Jones) Title role, Flash Gordon, Universal, 1980.

(As Sam J. Jones) Battle Witherspoon, My Chauffeur, Crown International, 1985.

Jungle Jack Buck, Jane and the Lost City, Marcel/Robinson, 1987.

(As Sam J. Jones) Sam Kettle, Silent Assassins, Forum, 1988.

(As Sam J. Jones) Pete, One Man Force, 1989.

(As Sam J. Jones) Steve O'Neil, Driving Force, Image Entertainment, 1989.

(As Sam J. Jones) Mike Braxton, Under the Gun, Marquis, 1989.

(As Sam J. Jones) Johnny Quinn, Whiteforce, 1989.

Jungle Heat, 1989.

(As Sam J. Jones) Jeff Slater, In Gold We Trust (also known as Gold of the Samurai ), American International Pictures Home Video, 1991.

Mike Florian, The Other Woman, Imperial Entertainment, 1992.

Detective Jackson, Night Rhythms, Imperial Entertainment, 1992.

Michael Crew, Maximum Force, PM Home Video, 1992.

Reb, Lady Dragon II (also known as Angel of Fury ), Imperial Entertainment, 1993.

(As Sam J. Jones) Fist Sullivan, Fist of Honor, PM Home Video, 1993.

Janson, Expert Weapon (also known as American Dragon ), Silver Screen Entertainment, 1993.

(As Sam J. Jones) Jim Holbrook, Da Vinci's War, Baby Dica Productions, 1993.

(As Sam J. Jones) Billy, South Beach, Prism Entertainment, 1993.

David Kilmer, Thunder in Paradise, Rysher Entertainment, 1993.

Louis Gentry, Texas Payback, Astra Cinema, 1994.

Joe Owans, Hard Vice (also known as Vegas Vice ), APix Entertainment, 1994.

Tyler, Fists of Iron, Live Entertainment, 1995.

Braden, Ballistic (also known as Fist of Justice ), Imperial Entertainment, 1995.

Steve Davis, Obsession Kills, 1995.

James, Where Truth Lies, Paramount Home Video, 1996.

Jimmy O'Brien, R.I.O.T.: The Movie, 1996.

Sergeant Major Ransom, American Tigers, 1996.

Exterminator, American Strays, APix Entertainment, 1996.

Earth Minus Zero, 1996.

Carl Brubaker, Baja Run, 1996.

The Killer Inside, 1996.

(Uncredited) Convict, Evasive Action, Hallmark Entertainment, 1998.

Sergeant Richards, Gangland, Dominion International, 2000.

Stanton James, Down 'n Dirty, Blockbuster Video, 2000.

Rackles, Dead Sexy, Columbia TriStar/Mainline Releasing, 2001.

Uncle Dwayne, Van Hook, 40 Below Productions, 2001.

Dr. Donald Westlake, Psychotic, 2002.

Brick, Redemption, Argo Home Entertainment, 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

Chris Rorchek, Code Red, ABC, 19811982.

Title role, The Highwayman, NBC, 1988.

Troy Johnson, Hollywood Safari, Animal Planet, 1997.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Tommy Sellers, This Wife for Hire, ABC, 1985.

Bobby DeVol, Ray Alexander: A Menu for Murder, NBC, 1995.

Greel, T.N.T., HBO, 1998.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Bo Carlson, Stunts Unlimited, ABC, 1980.

Chris Rorchek, Code Red, ABC, 1981.

Eli Howe, No Man's Land, NBC, 1984.

Title role, The Highwayman (also known as Terror on the Blacktop ), NBC, 1987.

Denny Colt and title role, The Spirit, ABC, 1987.

(As Sam J. Jones) L.A. Takedown (also known as Hanna, L.A. Crimewave, and Made in L.A. ), NBC, 1989.

Victory Smith, The Hat Squad, CBS, 1992.

Gang leader, Thunder in Paradise, 1994.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

The New Dating Game, syndicated, 1978.

Himself, Just Men!, 1983.

Eric, "SemiFriendly Persuasion," The ATeam, NBC, 1984.

Rick Beeber, "Be True to Your School," Riptide, NBC, 1984.

Lance Lane, "The Hot Grounder," Hunter, 1984.

Grant Miller, "Too Rich and Too Thin," Hardcastle and McCormick, ABC, 1985.

Detective Robert "B. J." Makowski, "Line of Fire: Parts 1 &2," Shades of LA, 1991.

Earl Lyons, "Lyon's Roar," Renegade, syndicated, 1993.

Tommy Williams/Samuel J. Bodine, "Unfinished Business," Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1993.

Beau, Key West, Fox, 1993.

Ken Jordan, "Race against Time: Parts 1 & 2," Baywatch, 1993.

Nicky Griffin, "Wheel Man," Renegade, 1993.

Sergeant Clay Miller, "Cobra," Cobra, 1993.

Lifeguard Lieutenant Buck Denton, "Sea No Evil," Diagnosis: Murder, CBS, 1995.

Thornton, Marker, UPN, 1995.

Haggerty, "The Ballad of D. B. Cooper," Renegade, 1995.

Customer, "Out of the Hive," Bugs, 1995.

Rolf, "Burnout," Pacific Blue, 1996.

Mick Stanley, "Devil's Turf," Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1996.

"The Ruby Fruit Forest," Conan, 1997.

Sullivan, "Old Scores," L.A. Heat, TNT, 1999.

Sidney, "Noir: Parts 1 & 2," Silk Stalkings, USA Network, 1999.

Randy Harden, "Legacy of a Buffalo Soldier," L.A. Heat, TNT, 1999.

Aris Boch, "Dead Man's Switch," Stargate SG1, Show-time and syndicated, 1999.

Space cadet, "Photo Finish," Black Scorpion, Sci Fi Channel, 2001.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Battle of the Network Stars, ABC, 1981.

NBA at 50, 1996.

Stage Appearances:

SPQR, Cast Theatre, Los Angeles, 1978.


Video Games:

Voice of blind bowman, Return to Zork, 1993.



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