Hill, Dwayne

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Hill, Dwayne



Actor and voice performer. Appeared in commercials.


Television Appearances; Series:

It's Alive!, YTV (Canada), 1993–96.

Who Rules?, YTV, 1995.

Voice, Monster by Mistake (animated), YTV, 1996–2000.

Voice of Bill Uppity, The Dumb Bunnies (animated), CBS, beginning 1998, also broadcast on YTV.

Voice of Trevor, Bob and Margaret (animated), CanWest Global Television (Canada), 1998–2001, also broadcast on Comedy Central.

Voices, George and Martha (animated), HBO, 1999–2000.

Voice of Coach, Rescue Heroes (animated; also known as Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team), CBS, 1999–2000, The WB, 2000–2003.

Tony, The War Next Door, USA Network, 2000.

Voice of Three, Seven Little Monsters (animated), PBS, 2000.

Jack, Marvin the Tap–Dancing Horse (animated), PBS, 2000–2001.

Dick, Screech Owls, YTV, 2000–2002.

Voice of Rip's shorts, The Ripping Friends (animated; also known as Les dechiqueteurs), Fox, 2001–2002.

Voice of dentist, Braceface (animated; also known as Sourire d'enfer), TeleToon, 2001–2005, ABC Family Channel, beginning 2001.

Voice of Coach Conkout, Moville Mysteries (animated), YTV, beginning 2002.

Voice of Cousin Rudy, Cyberchase (animated), PBS, beginning 2002, also broadcast on Canadian television.

Voice of Biggs, Chilly Beach (animated), CBC, 2003—.

Voices of Antoine Lucci, Atomic Roger, Dr. Cerebral, Dylan, Gravnor, Principal Peterson, and other characters, Atomic Betty (animated), Cartoon Network, 2004–2005, beginning c. 2007.

Voice of Dad, Rotting Hills (animated), YTV, beginning 2005.

Voice of milk man, The Very Good Adventures in Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom (animated), CBC, beginning 2006.

Voice of Vinnie, Growing Up Creepie (animated), Discovery Kids, beginning 2006.

Television Appearances; Movies:

First waiter, Meet Prince Charming, Cinemax, 1999.

Weatherman Bob, Beautiful Girl, ABC Family Channel, 2003.

Press conference reporter, Hustle: The Pete Rose Story, ESPN, 2004.

Karaoke host, I Do, They Don't (also known as Blended), ABC Family Channel, 2005.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Businessperson, "Noise," La Femme Nikita (also known as Nikita), USA Network, 1997.

Enormous George, "The Pusher Issue," Our Hero, CBC, 2001.

Mark, The Endless Grind, Comedy Central, 2001.

Blue man, "William Shatner's Fight College," The Sean Cullen Show, CBC, 2003.

Title role, "Dwayne," The Sean Cullen Show, CBC, 2003.

Jimmy Kanter, "Gone," Street Time, Showtime, 2003.

"Week 17," Playmakers, ESPN, 2003.

Jake Pacey, "Leader of the Band," Doc, PAX TV, 2004.

Matt Warmerdam (copilot), "One Wing Flight (A Wounded Bird)," Mayday (also known as National Geographic Channel Air Emergency), Discovery Channel (Canada) and National Geographic Channel, 2004.

Voice, "Evil Coffee Shop Much?," Totally Spies! (animated; also known as Totally Spies Undercover), Cartoon Network and ABC Family Channel, 2004.

Voice of naval lieutenant, "The Not–So–Jolly Roger," Time Warp Trio (animated), NBC, 2005.

Voices of Peter the Great and Filofei, "What's So Great about Peter?," Time Warp Trio (animated), NBC, 2006.

The Shakespeare Comedy Show, The Comedy Network (Canada), beginning 2006.

Appeared in episodes of other programs.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

It's Alive!, YTV (Canada), 1993.

Voice of Principal Peterson, "No–L 9," Atomic Betty (animated; also known as Atomic Betty: The No–L Nine), Cartoon Network, 2005.

Television Work; Series:

Special effects technician, The Shakespeare Comedy Show, The Comedy Network (Canada), beginning 2006.

Film Appearances:

Detective Denny Nagle, Tangled, Highlight Film, 2001.

Bill McArthur, The Safety of Objects, 2001, IFC Films, 2003.

Clown Geant, The Truth about the Head (short film), 2003.

Voice of Sam Sparks, Rescue Heroes: The Movie (animated), Nelvana Limited, 2003.

Agent Blue, Phil the Alien, Screen Media Ventures, 2004.

Coach Carr, Mean Girls (also known as Untitled "Queen Bees and Wannabees" Project), Paramount, 2004.

Daryl, Ham & Cheese, Decade Distribution, 2004.

Waiters, 2004.

Bouncer, Black Widow, Rhombus International, 2005.