Hill, Eric

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HILL, Eric

HILL, Eric. British, b. 1927. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Illustrations. Career: Graphic designer, author and illustrator of books for children. Cooper Studio (art studio), London, England, messenger and sweeper, 1943-45; freelance cartoonist, 1948; Erwin Wasey (advertising agency), London, art director, 1955-58; freelance artist, 1958-80; author, 1980-. Publications: SELF-ILLUSTRATED FOR CHILDREN. SPOT SERIES: Where's Spot?, 1980; Spot's First Walk, 1981; Spot's Birthday Party, 1982; Puppy Love, 1982; Spot's Busy Year, 1983; Spot's First Christmas, 1983; Spot Learns to Count, 1983; Spot Tells the Time, 1983; Spot's Alphabet, 1983; Sweet Dreams, Spot!, 1984; Spot's Friends, 1984; Spot's Toys, 1984; Here's Spot, 1984; Spot Goes Splash!, 1984; Spot Goes to School, 1984; Spot on the Farm, 1985; Spot Goes to the Beach, 1985; Spot at Play, 1985; Spot at the Fair, 1985; Spot Goes to the Circus, 1986; Spot's First Words, 1986; Spot's Doghouse, 1986; Spot Looks at Colors, 1986; Spot Looks at Shapes, 1986; Spot Goes to the Farm, 1987; Spot's First Picnic, 1987; Spot Visits the Hospital, 1987; Spot's Big Book of Words, 1988; Spot's First Easter, 1988; Spot Counts from One to Ten, 1989; Spot Looks at Opposites, 1989; Spot Looks at the Weather, 1989; Spot's Baby Sister, 1989; Spot Sleeps Over, 1990; Spot Goes to the Park, 1991; Spot in the Garden, 1991; Spot's Toy Box, 1991; Spot at Home, 1991; Spot Goes to a Party, 1992; Spot's Toy Box, 1991; My Very Own Spot Book, 1993; Spot's Walk in the Woods, 1993; Spot's Big Book of Colors, Shapes, and Numbers, 1994; Spot's First 1, 2, 3 Frieze, 1994; Spot's Magical Christmas, 1995; Spot Bakes a Cake, 1999; Spot Visits His Grandparents, 1996; Spot and Friends Dress Up, 1996; Spot and Friends Play, 1996; Spot's Touch and Feel Book, 1997; Spot's Touch and Feel Day, 1997; Spot's Favorite Baby Animals, 1997; Spot's Favorite Colors, 1997; Spot's Favorite Numbers, 1997; Spot's Favorite Words, 1997; Spot's Noisy Walk, 1998; Spot and His Grandparents Go to the Carnival, 1998; Spot Joins the Parade, 1998; Spot's Bedtime Storybook, 1998; Spot Helps Out, 1999; Good Night, Spot, 1999; Spot Can Count, 1999; Spot's Windy Day and Other Stories, 2000. PEEK-A-BOOK SERIES: Nursery Rhymes, 1982; Opposites, 1982; Animals, 1982; Who Does What?, 1982; Baby Animals, 1984; More Opposites, 1985; Fairy Tales, 1985; What's Inside?, 1985. BABY BEAR STORYBOOK SERIES: At Home, 1983; My Pets, 1983; The Park, 1983; Up There, 1983; Baby Bear's Bedtime, 1984; Good Morning, Baby Bear, 1984. OTHER: S.S. Happiness Crew Book of Numbers, 1983; Book of Colors, 1984; Book of Shapes, 1984; Eric Hill's Crazy Mix or Match: Funny Picture Stories for Preschoolers, 1984; Eric Hill's Crazy Crazy Wheels Mix or Match, 1984. Illustrator of books by: A. Ahlberg, J. Dutton, H. Hoke. Address: c/o Putnam Publishing, 375 Hudson, New York, NY 10014, U.S.A.