Gilliard, Carl 1958–

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Gilliard, Carl 1958–

(Carl Gillard)


Full name, Carl Rousseau Gilliard; born April 18, 1958, in Chicago, IL; married Rochelle, June 1, 1985 (divorced, July 16, 1998); married Wilda, November 2, 2002; children: (first marriage) two; (second marriage) one. Education: Earned degree from Michigan State University.


Actor, producer, and director. Appeared in numerous television commercials, including Burger King, IBM, Saturn cars, Oldsmobile cars, Habitat for Humanity, and Cingular Wireless. WGPR, Detroit, MI, radio newscaster; Eastman Kodak Company, Detroit, MI, salesperson; Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group, Grand Rapids, MI, then Kalamazoo, MI, district manager; Variety Magazine, advertising account manager; also drove public transportation in Chicago, IL, and sedan limousines, Los Angeles, CA.


Alpha Phi Alpha.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) Controller, Contact, Warner Bros., 1997.

Robin, Q: The Movie, Xenon Entertainment Group, 1999.

Daryl, Chimera House, 1999.

Hassan, Retiring Tatiana, Tapeworm Video Distributors, 2000.

Uncle Cooper, Nothin' 2 Lose, York Entertainment, 2000.

Robin, The Luau, Xenon Entertainment Group, 2001.

(As Carl Gillard) Detective Jeeves, The Chatroom (also known as Chat Room), Artisan Entertainment, 2002.

Blind Charlie, Wifey, 2005.

Frank Wilson, Family Reunion, 2005.

Store clerk, Coach Carter, Paramount, 2005.

Narrator/cop, Natural Born Salesman (short), 2005.

Voice of caller number two, Fair Game, Urbanworks, 2005.

Taxi driver, Red Eye, DreamWorks, 2005.

Judge Brooks, Restraining Order, Code Black Entertainment, 2006.

Tulgate, The Mannsfield 12, 2007.

Deacon Grier, Divine Intervention, 2007.

Film Work:

Producer, Retiring Tatiana, Tapeworm Video Distributors. 2000.

Director and producer, Section 8, Image Entertainment, 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Choopoo Mohammad, The Unsuccessful Thug, HBO, 2006.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Alman, Dazzle (also known as Judith Krantz's "Dazzle"), CBS, 1995.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Foreman, One Woman's Courage, NBC, 1994.

Dylan Seidner, Sins of the Mind, USA Network, 1997.

Second baseman, The Darwin Conspiracy, UPN, 1999.

Bumps Blackwell, And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story, ABC, 1999.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

"Part 1," Seven Days (also known as Seven Days: The Series), UPN, 1998.

Reporter, NYPD 2069, Fox, 2004.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Ned Baliss, "Sudden Withdrawal," Hunter, NBC, 1990.

Officer number two, "First Amendment," Shannon's Deal, NBC, 1991.

Mr. Evans, "Just Like That," Red Shoe Diaries (also known as Zalman King's "Red Shoe Diaries"), Showtime, 1992.

Sax player, "Do You Remember the Time?," Martin, Fox, 1993.

"Tortoise and the Scare," Daddy Dearest, Fox, 1993.

Radio host, "Citizen Roc: Part 2," Roc, Fox, 1994.

Paramedic number two, "You, Murderer," Tales from the Crypt (also known as HBO's "Tales from the Crypt"), HBO, 1995.

"A Death in the Family," Live Shot, UPN, 1995.

Bill Nichols, "Full Court Press," Hang Time, NBC, 1995.

Defense attorney, "I, Clownius," The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, NBC, 1996.

Ophthalmologist, "Dear Earth," Space: Above and Beyond, Fox, 1996.

Waiter, "Scammed," Family Matters, ABC, 1996.

Carpool man, "The Suburban Episode," Mr. & Mrs. Smith, CBS, 1996.

Fur Boy, "Prodigal Son," Mike Hammer, Private Eye, syndicated, 1997.

Lawyer number two, Union Square, NBC, 1997.

Fur Boy, "Songbird: Part 2," Mike Hammer, Private Eye, syndicated, 1998.

Attorney, "Game, Set and Match," Pensacola: Wings of Gold, syndicated, 1998.

Technocrat, "Vows," Seven Days (also known as Seven Days: The Series), UPN, 1998.

Leroy, General Hospital, ABC, 2002.

Detective number one, "Free and Clear," Robbery Homicide Division (also known as R.H.D./LA: Robbery Homicide Division/Los Angeles), CBS, 2002.

Warden Paulsen, The Young and the Restless (also known as Y&R), CBS, 2004.

Principal, "Clinical Risk," Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2005.

Mike, "The Big Payback," The Bernie Mac Show, Fox, 2005.

Harris, "The Politics of Money," Barbershop, Showtime, 2005.

Principal Parks, "Saving Patrick Bubley," Cold Case, CBS, 2005.

Agent number one, "Fait Accompli," Alias, ABC, 2005.

New York police detective, "Youmud Din," Sleeper Cell (also known as Sleeper Cell: American Terror), Showtime, 2005.

Ron, 24, Fox, 2005.

Dr. Cunningham, "Freddie the Himbo," Freddie, ABC, 2006.

Also appeared as Brother Clarence, "Sanfords Crisis," Sherman Oaks, Showtime; Barkland, "Love Me Do," L.A. Firefighters (also known as Fire Company 132), Fox.