Foh Shen, Freda (Freda Fo Shen)

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Foh Shen, Freda (Freda Fo Shen)



Agent—Greene & Associates, 190 North Canon Dr., Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.




Film Appearances:

Reporter, Without a Trace, (also known as W.A.T.), 1983.

Self-defense teacher, Crossing Delancey, Warner Bros., 1988.

Television newscaster, The Dream Team, 1989.

Nurse with addict, Longtime Companion, 1989.

Nurse, Funny About Love, 1990.

Ah Ling, 1000 Pieces of Gold, 1990.

Berkeley registrar, Basic Instinct (also known as Ice Cold Desire), TriStar, 1992.

Maid, Born Yesterday, Buena Vista, 1993.

Polygraph technician, The Glimmer Man, Warner Bros., 1996.

Doctor Marsh, Daddy Girl, Live Entertainment, 1996.

Voice of Fa Li, Mulan (animated), Buena Vista, 1998.

(As Freda Fo Shen) Marge, American Virgin (also known as Live Virgin), Granite Releasing, 2000.

Voice of Chinese food lady, Dude, Where's My Car?, 2000.

Bon, Planet of the Apes, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2001.

Nurse, Coastlines, Curb Entertainment, 2002.

Melinda Barrows, A Mighty Wind, Warner Bros., 2003.

Doughnut woman, The Ladykillers, Buena Vista, 2004.

Voice of Fa Li, Mulan II (animated), Buena Vista Home Video, 2004.

Voice of Collen's mom, Harlequin, 2004.

May-Li Wong, Red Doors, Emerging Pictures, 2005.

Television Appearances; Series:

Doctor Noriko Weinstein, Silk Stalkings, USA Network and CBS, 1993.

Mrs. Lee, Gideon's Crossing, ABC, 2000-2001.

Dr. Chao, Everwood (also known as Our New Life in Everwood), The WB, 2005.

Dr. Perrin, Close to Home, CBS, 2006-2007.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Ticket agent, Senior Trip!, CBS, 1981.

Alice, Those Secrets, ABC, 1992.

Alien Nation: Millennium, Fox, 1996.

Janet Lee Cheung, Cracker: White Ghost, Arts and Entertainment, 1996.

Mrs. Yung, Safety Patrol (also known as Disney's "Safety Patrol" and Safety Patrol!), ABC, 1998.

Tida Woods, The Tiger Woods Story, Showtime, 1998.

Sharon Farr, Invisible Child, Lifetime, 1999.

Arlene, Horse Sense, Disney Channel, 1999.

Doctor Kwan, Miracle in Lane 2, Disney Channel, 2000.

Savanah Cummings, NTSB: The Crash of Flight 323, ABC, 2004.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Lynn Watson, "The Almost Royal Family," ABC Afterschool Specials, ABC, 1984.

Martin Luther King: The Dream and the Drum, PBS, 1986.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Doctor Wallace, L.A. Med, ABC, 1997.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Mask of Deceit," Khan!, 1975.

Cliff's patient, "That's Not What I Said," The Cosby Show, NBC, 1987.

Mrs. Kishi, "Dawn and the Haunted House," The Baby-Sitters Club, 1990.

"The Talisman," Renegade, 1992.

Doctor Kaufman, Doogie Howser, M.D., ABC, 1992.

Doctor Michelle Peck, "No Pain, No Gain," Sisters, NBC, 1994.

Miss Minor, "Homework," Party of Five, Fox, 1994.

Nurse, "Injustice for All," Courthouse, CBS, 1995.

Jean, "Fun City," New York News, CBS, 1995.

Miss Minor, "Spring Breaks: Part 2," Party of Five, Fox, 1996.

Nurse Whiteford, "Forever Jung," Nowhere Man, UPN, 1996.

Doctor Janet Yang, "Till Death Do Us Part," Nash Bridges, CBS, 1996.

Janet Lee Cheung, "White Ghost," Cracker, ABC, 1996.

Kikomo, "The World at Your Feet," Arli$$, HBO, 1997.

Lieutenant Commander Doctor Monica Chen, "Heroes," JAG, CBS, 1997.

Doctor Searles, "Growing Pains," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1997.

Nurse Eileen Martin, Michael Hayes, CBS, 1997.

Lt. Commander Chen, "Heroes," JAG, CBS, 1997.

Hearing specialist, "Split Second," ER, NBC, 1998.

Hearing specialist, "Vanishing Act," ER, NBC, 1998.

Nurse Laura Chase, "Denial," L.A. Doctors (also known as L.A. Docs), CBS, 1998.

Lady Alice Selleck, "Those Boots Were Made for Stalking," To Have and To Hold, CBS, 1998.

Ms. Gordan, "The Legacy," 7th Heaven (also known as 7th Heaven: Beginnings and Seventh Heaven), The WB, 1998.

Hearing specialist, "Getting to Know You," ER, NBC, 1999.

Ms. Gordon, "Sin," 7th Heaven (also known as 7th Heaven: Beginnings and Seventh Heaven), The WB, 1999.

Dr. Aldmen, "Team Play," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1999.

Ms. Gordon, "Words," 7th Heaven (also known as 7th Heaven: Beginnings and Seventh Heaven), The WB, 2000.

Mrs. Lee, "The Gift," Gideon's Crossing, ABC, 2000.

Mrs. Lee, "The Way," Gideon's Crossing, ABC, 2000.

Mrs. Lee, "The Routine Case," Gideon's Crossing, ABC, 2000.

Deputy District Attorney Judith Kemp, "Telling Lies: Part 1," Family Law, CBS, 2000.

Mrs. Simmons, "Do No Harm," Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2000.

"Mothers and Daughters," The Division (also known as Heart of the City), Lifetime, 2001.

Dean Hackett, "Panacea," Roswell (also known as Roswell High), UPN, 2002.

Legal counsel Reed, "Life Sentence," The Court, ABC, 2002.

Curator, "Moo," The Agency, CBS, 2002.

Irene Taft, "Little Man," Without a Trace (also known as W.A.T.), 2002.

Doctor, "Day 2: 11:00 a.m.-12 p.m.," 24, Fox, 2002.

Doctor, "Day 2: 1:00 p.m.-2 p.m.," 24, Fox, 2002.

Marti Kino, "Handle with Care," For the People (also known as Para la gente), Lifetime, 2002.

Judge Amy Okubo, "Equal Justice," The Practice, ABC, 2003.

Judge Levinson, "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Lose," Century City, CBS, 2004.

Captain Lynda Chang, "Coming Home," JAG, CBS, 2004.

Miriam Chen-Pew, "An Innocent Man," Jack & Bobby, The WB, 2004.

Dr. Chang, "Guilty," Desperate Housewives, ABC, 2004.

Dr. Ann Kumi, "Smile," Boston Legal, ABC, 2006.

Also appeared as Miss Maekawa, "The PSA Story," Buddies; Lady Alice Selleck, "Who's Sorry Next," To Have and To Hold, CBS.

Stage Appearances:

Proscenium servant, sailor, townsperson, and Shogun's wife, Pacific Overtures, Winter Garden Theatre, New York City, 1976.

Royal dancer, royal wife, and understudy Tuptim, The King and I, Uris Theatre, New York City, 1977-78.

Understudy Madame Aung, Plenty, Joseph Papp Public Theatre, New York City, 1982.

Nancy Wing, Yellow Fever, 47th Street Theatre, New York City, 1983.

Lady Nijo and Mrs. Kidd, Top Girls, Estelle R. Newman Theatre, Public Theatre, New York City, 1983.

The Ups and Downs of Theophilus Maitland, Dallas Theatre Center, Dallas, TX, 1985.

Joanna Lu, television reporter, Execution of Justice, Virginia Theatre, New York City, 1986.

Gyoko, Shogun, the Musical, Marquis Theatre, New York City, 1990-91.

Hiro, East West Players, Silver Lake, CA, 1994.

Sweeney Todd, East West Players, 1994.

Phyllis, Follies, East West Players, David Henry Hwang Theatre, Los Angeles, 2000.


Video Games:

Voice of Admiral Alice Liu, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Activision, 2002.