Curran, Lynette 1945–

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Curran, Lynette 1945–


Born 1945.


Agent—Helen Constantinides, RGM Associates, 64-76 Kippax St., Suites 202 and 206, Level 2, Surry Hills, New South Wales 2010, Australia.


Actress. Appeared in television commercials for the Australian Labor Party campaign "It's Time," 1971.

Awards, Honors:

Australian Film Institute Award nomination, best actress in a lead role, 1985, for Bliss; Australian Film Institute Award nomination, best performance by an actress in a leading role, 1998, and Film Critics Circle of Australia Award, best supporting actor—female, 1999, both for The Boys; Australian Film Institute Award, best actress in a supporting role, and Film Critics Circle of Australia Award, best supporting actor—female, both 2004, for Somersault.


Television Appearances; Series:

Rhoda Lang Wilson Greene, Bellbird, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1967-74.

Jean Stafford, The Restless Years, 10 Network (Australia), between 1977 and 1982.

Stringer, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1988.

Connie Linguini, Always Greener, Seven Network (Australia), 2001-2003.

Brenda Jackson, Love My Way, FOXTEL, beginning 2004, Five Life, beginning 2006.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Hareema, The Shiralee (also known as Macaulay's Daughter), Seven Network (Australia), 1988.

Angela, Death in the Family, [Australia and South Africa], 1993.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Brumby Innes, 10 Network (Australia), 1973.

Connie, Peter and Pompey (also known as Touch the Sun: Peter and Pompey and Peter et Pompee), Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1988.

Emma, Becca, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1988.

Police State, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1989.

Call Me Mum, SBS Television, 2006.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Voice, Journey to the Center of the Earth, CBS, 1977.

Tina, The Geeks, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1978.

Fay Asquith, Aftershocks, [Australia], 1998.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Karen Latimer, "The Violators," Homicide, Seven Network (Australia), 1965.

"For Pity's Sake," Homicide, Seven Network, 1965.

Karen Barrett, "The Girl Who Liked Beads," Homicide, Seven Network, 1966.

Joy Hamilton, "No Other Girl," Homicide, Seven Network, 1967.

Wendy Gilbert, "Solitary Duet," Homicide, Seven Network, 1970.

Vicky Thompson, "Give a Man a Gun," Matlock Police, 10 Network (Australia), 1971.

Sandra Hughes, "Woman Wanted," Matlock Police, 10 Network, 1972.

Wendy Morris, "My Pretty Maid," Division 4, Nine Network (Australia), 1973.

Amy Draper, "They Faced All the Dangers, Those Bold Bushrangers," Rush, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1974.

Emma Riley, "Home Brewed," Cash and Company, Seven Network, 1975.

Carol, "Change of Image," The Outsiders, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1976.

Fan, "London Derriere," Alvin Purple, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1976.

"Pipeline," King's Men, Nine Network, 1976.

Samantha Minerver, Number 96, 10 Network, 1976.

Jenny, "Son of Bluey," Bluey, Seven Network, 1977.

Angela Craig, "The Family Way," Case for the Defence, 10 Network, 1978.

Cheryl Falconi, "Cliff Rescue," Chopper Squad, 10 Network, 1978.

Carol, "Close Comfort," Spring & Fall, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1980.

Connie Baxter, "Misconceptions: Parts 1 & 2," A Country Practice, Seven Network, 1984.

Jean Irving, "Million-Acre Prison," The Flying Doctors, Nine Network, 1986.

Karen West, "Survivors: Parts 1 & 2," A Country Practice, Seven Network, 1992.

Meg Bateman, "Lost and Found," Big Sky, [Australia], 1997.

Anita Petrakis, "Family Feud," All Saints, Seven Network, 1998.

Glenda Lord, "Sympathy for the Devil," Water Rats, Nine Network, 1998.

Evie Osborn, "Without Judgement," Blue Heelers, Seven Network, 1999.

Hilary Doyle, "In with the New," All Saints, Seven Network, 1999.

Geraldine Sawyer, "Two of a Kind," Water Rats, Nine Network, 2000.

Hilary Doyle, "Duty of Care," All Saints, Seven Network, 2000.

Hilary Doyle, "A Fine Balance," All Saints, Seven Network, 2000.

Janet Simms, "Paid in Full," Murder Call, Nine Network, 2000.

Miriam Stardwick, BackBerner, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 2001.

Sandra Benson, White Collar Blue, 10 Network, 2003.

Marie Biden, "Another Day at the Office: Parts 1 & 2," Blue Heelers, Seven Network, 2005.

Appeared in episodes of other programs, including Cop Shop, Seven Network; and Echo Point, [Australia].

Film Appearances:

Rhoda Lang Wilson Greene, Country Town, 1971.

First sugar girl, Alvin Purple, Warner Bros., 1973, Sands, 1974.

Maudie, Caddie, Atlantic Releasing, 1976.

Evonne Houseman, Heatwave, New Line Cinema, 1982.

Bettina Joy, Bliss, New South Wales Film Corporation, 1985, New World Pictures, 1986.

Anne Olson, The Year My Voice Broke, Avenue Entertainment, 1987.

Dora McKenzie, Bullseye, Cinema Group Entertainment, 1987.

Mrs. Hansen, The Delinquents, Roadshow Entertainment, 1989.

Prostitute, Comrades, Skreba Films, 1987, Gavin Films, 1989.

Swimming (short film), [Australia], 1990.

Pearl Elkington, Dead to the World, Australian Film Commission/Huzzah Productions, 1991.

Mrs. Fullilove, Just Desserts (short film), NRG Films Australia, 1993.

Minnie, Mushrooms, Tara Releasing, 1995.

Margot, Road to Nhill, Gecko Films/Ronin Films, 1997.

Mrs. Ahearn, Oscar and Lucinda, Fox Searchlight Pictures, 1997.

Sandra Sprague, The Boys (also known as Down Under Boys), Stratosphere Entertainment, 1997.

Sexual health worker, Praise, Strand Releasing, 1998.

Mother, Bangers (short film), 1999.

Jean McDermott, My Mother Frank, Beyond Films/FilmFour, 2000.

Mum, Japanese Story, Place Films, 2003, Samuel Goldwyn, 2004.

Irene, Somersault (also known as More Than Scarlet), Hopscotch Productions, 2004, Magnolia Pictures, 2006.

Mother in Bangers, Stories of Lost Souls, 2005.

Prada Handbag (short film), Escendi Films/New South Wales Film and Television Office, 2007.

Stage Appearances:

Words of One Syllable, Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 1990.

Jean, The Boys, Griffin Theatre Company, SBW Stables Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 1991.

The Seagull (also known as The Seagull in Surry Hills), Belvoir Street Theatre, 1997.

Mrs. Holly, Suddenly Last Summer, Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 2000.

The Imaginary Invalid, Melbourne Theatre Company, Melbourne, Australia, 2003.

Clarice, The Gates of Egypt, Company B, Belvoir Street Theatre, 2007.

Appeared in other productions, including Dreams in an Empty City and Richard III, both Melbourne Theatre Company; in Aftershocks, Belvoir Street Theatre; in Hot Fudge and Ice Cream, Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney, Australia; and in The Real Thing.

Radio Appearances:

Mary Shelley, Available Light, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio, c. 1999.

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