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Addresses: Agent International Creative Management, 8942 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

Career: Actor and voiceover artist.


Film Appearances:

Assistant director, Hughes and Harlow: Angels in Hell, PRO International Pictures, 1977.

Autograph seeker, California Suite (also known as Neil Simon's California Suite ), Columbia, 1978.

Voice of Nixon, Where the Buffalo Roam, Universal, 1980.

Voice of Dr. Mindbender, G.I. Joe: The Movie (animated; also known as Action Force: The Movie ), 1987.

Voice of Stove, Beauty and the Beast (animated; also known as Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition ), Buena Vista, 1991.

Voice of Ock, FernGully: The Last Rainforest (animated; also known as FernGully 1 ), Twentieth CenturyFox, 1992.

Voice of Brewster, Annabelle's Wish, 1997.

Film Work:

Singer, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (animated), 1990.

Additional voices, Jetsons: The Movie (animated), Universal, 1990.

Additional voice, The Jungle Book 2, Buena Vista, 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

Voice, SpiderMan (animated; also known as Spiderman 2000 and Spiderman ), NBC, 1981.

Voice of Dr. Mindbender, G.I. Joe (animated), syndicated, 1983.

Voice, The AllNew Scooby and ScrappyDoo Show (animated), ABC, 1983.

Voice of Dimmy, The Snorks (animated), NBC, 1984.

Voice, Pole Position (animated), CBS, 1984.

Announcer, Let's Make a Deal (also known as The All New Let's Make a Deal ), 1984.

Voices of Papa Q. Bear, Mayor Honeypot, and Big Paw, The Berenstain Bears (animated), CBS, 1985.

Voices of Bumblelion and Flizzard, The Wuzzles (animated), CBS, 1985.

Voice, The New Jetsons (animated), syndicated, 1985.

Voice, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (animated; also known as Bismarck the Star Musketeers ), syndicated, 1986.

Voice, Pound Puppies (animated), ABC, 1986.

Voices of Sir Tuxford and Art Deco, The Gummi Bears (animated; also known as Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears ), NBC, 19871989, then ABC, 19901991.

Voice of Doofus Drake, DuckTales (animated), ABC and syndicated, 19881989.

Voice, The California Raisin Show, 1989.

Voice of Bully, Zazoo U (animated), Fox, 1990.

Voice of Clyde, Tom & Jerry Kids (animated), 1990.

Voice, The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda (animated), syndicated, 1990.

Voice of Garlic Man, Little Dracula (animated), 1991.

Voice, Prostars (animated), NBC, 1991.

Voice, Mr. Bogus (animated), syndicated, 1991.

Voice of Morton Fizzback and Professor Funt, Denver, the Last Dinosaur (animated), 1992.

Voice of Hollywood, 2 Stupid Dogs (animated), syndicated, 1993.

Voice, Zorro (animated), syndicated, 1997.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Voices of the driver, guard, and sultan, ScoobyDoo in Arabian Nights (animated; also known as Scooby Doo's Arabian Nights ), syndicated, 1994.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Voice, Stanley, the Ugly Duckling (animated), ABC, 1982.

Voice, The Velveteen Rabbit (animated), syndicated, 1985.

Voices of Lick Broccoli and Leonard Limabean, The Raisins Sold Out! (animated), CBS, 1990.

Voice, Claymation Comedy of Horrors Show, CBS, 1991.

Voice, Christmas Every Day, syndicated, 1991.

Voice, Smithsonian's Great Battles of the Civil War, The Learning Channel, 1994.

Voice, Russia's Last Tsar, NBC, 1996.

Also appeared as voice of Christmas Present, Flintstone Christmas Carol (animated).

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Voice of Mr. Bruin, "Trouble with Friends," The Berenstain Bears (animated), CBS, 1985.

Voice of Two Ton Grizzly, "Ring the Bell," The Berenstain Bears (animated), CBS, 1985.

Voice of Bee Keeper, "To the Rescue," The Berenstain Bears (animated), CBS, 1985.

Voice of Big Bear, "Forget Their Manners," The Berenstain Bears (animated), CBS, 1986.

Voice of Snuff, "The Missing Dinosaur Bone," The Berenstain Bears (animated), CBS, 1986.

Voice of Jack Case, "A Spy in the Ointment," Tale Spin (animated), 1990.

Voices of Arnould Mousenegger and hapless mouse, "Mind Your Cheese and Q's," Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers (animated), 1990.

Voices of Arnould Mousenegger, kid with boat, and toy store owner, "The SS Drainpipe," Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers (animated), 1990.

Voice of reporter, "Perchance to Dream," Batman: The Animated Series (animated), Fox, 1992.

Voice of Weasel Loman, "The Merchant of Menace," Darkwing Duck (animated), ABC and syndicated, 1992.

Voice, "The Once and Future Duck," Duckman (animated), USA Network, 1996.

Whaling captain and Pirate 4, "Dishonest Abe/Blackbeard, Warm Heart," Time Squad, 2001.

Also appeared as voice, The Jetsons; voice of announcer, Animaniacs (animated); voice, Beethoven (animated).

Television Work; Series:

Additional voices, Widget, the World Watcher (animated; also known as Widget ), syndicated, 1990.

Additional voices, Darkwing Duck (animated), ABC and syndicated, 1991.

Additional voices, Where's Waldo? (animated; also known as Where's Wally and Where's Wally? ), CBS, 1991.

Additional voices, Capitol Critters (animated), ABC, 1992.

Additional voices, Raw Toonage (animated), CBS, 1992.

Additional voices, Problem Child (animated), USA Network, 1993.

Television Work; Episodic:

Additional voices, "Film Flam," Darkwing Duck (animated), ABC and syndicated, 1992.

Also appeared as additional voices, Kissyfur (animated); additional voices, A Pup Named Scooby Doo (animated); additional voices, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (animated).


Video Games:

M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and Exploration, 1996.

Voices of Enric and Dwarf, Die by the Sword, 1998.

Die by the Sword: Limb from Limb, 1998.

Voice of Sully, Monsters, Inc., Disney Interactive, 2002.

Voice of Baumusu, The Mark of Kri, Sony Computer Entertainment America, 2002.

Also appeared as MCP, Tron Solar Sailer.

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