Brooks, Randy (Randolph Brooks, Randy Frederick Brooks, Randy Fredericks)

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(Randolph Brooks, Randy Frederick Brooks, Randy Fredericks)


Born in New York, NY; married Karyn Parsons (an actress; divorced); children: two sons.

Career: Actor.


Television Appearances; Series:

Ronald Holmes III, Brothers and Sisters, NBC, 1979.

Ben Eastman, Emerald Point N.A.S., CBS, 1983.

Eagle, Renegades, ABC, 1983.

Eric Royal, Generations, NBC, 19901991.

Nathan Hastings, The Young and the Restless (also known as Y&R ), CBS, 19921995.

Marshall Lincoln Kramer III, Another World, NBC, 19941995.

Hayes Grady, All My Children, ABC, 1996.

(As Randolph Brooks) Arthur Leeds, The West Wing, NBC, 2000.

Television Appearances; Movies:

P. J., Rage!, NBC, 1980.

Sam, Scared Straight! Another Story, CBS, 1980.

David, Senior Trip!, CBS, 1981.

(As Randy Frederick Brooks) Shenandoah Brookford, Fly Away Home, ABC, 1981.

Eagle, The Renegades, ABC, 1982.

Gregory, Forbidden Love, CBS, 1982.

John, The Seduction of Gina (also known as Another High Roller ), CBS, 1984.

Paul, She Was Marked for Murder, NBC, 1988.

Byron, Daughter of the Streets, ABC, 1990.

Henry Cooper, Sr., Miracle in the Woods, CBS, 1997.

Owen, Rocket's Red Glare (also known as The Mercury Project ), Fox Family Channel, 2000.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Brian, "Jealousy:Parts 1 & 2," One Day at a Time, CBS, 1978.

Greg Adler, "No Blood, No Foul," The White Shadow, CBS, 1980.

Agent Roberts, "The Last Drive," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1983.

Houston, "Duffy's Choice," Lottery!, ABC, 1983.

Marcus Peabody, "Hair Apparent," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1984.

Marcus Peabody, "Lucky Ducks," Hill Street Blues, NBC, 1984.

Sykes, "The Three Faces of Emily," Scarecrow and Mrs. King, CBS, 1984.

Walter, "Getting Back to Basiks," The Jeffersons, CBS, 1984.

Kevin Brown, "OutofTown Brown," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1985.

Lucky Washington, Rituals, syndicated, 1985.

Malcolm Taggert, "Becker on the Rox," L.A. Law, NBC, 1987.

Officer Flood, "Naked Justice: Parts 1&2," Hunter, NBC, 1988.

Ty Hayes, "Fate," In the Heat of the Night, NBC, 1988.

Sherman Douglas, "Promised Land," Tour of Duty, CBS, 1989.

"Swallowed Alive," 21 Jump Street, Fox, 1989.

John Coop, Jr., "Judge Not," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1991.

Francoise Mascoute, "Strange Bru," Thunder in Paradise, syndicated, 1994.

"Uni cop," "Touchdown," Nash Bridges (also known as Bridges ), CBS, 1998.

(As Randolph Brooks) John Marker, "Decisions," Family Law, CBS, 1999.

Warmgarten, "Where There's Smoke," Once and Again, ABC, 1999.

(As Randolph Brooks) Judge Sweeter, "Shaken, Not Stirred," Judging Amy, CBS, 2000.

"Vigilante," The District, CBS, 2001.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Robbie Hudson, Hardesty House, ABC, 1986.

Beau Kelly, Sirens, CBS, 1987.

Dr. Warren, Nightingales, NBC, 1988.

Television Appearances; Other:

Dark Horse, 1985.

Film Appearances:

(As Randy Fredericks) Sabin, Halls of Anger, United Artists, 1970.

Win, The Monkey Hu$tle, American International Pictures, 1976.

Underground Aces, Filmways, 1981.

Chance, 8 Million Ways to Die, TriStar, 1986.

Tyler Loudermilk, Assassination, Cannon, 1987.

Ron Delaney, Colors, Orion, 1988.

The Afrikan, Black Snow, 1989.

Monroe, Defenseless, Seven Arts Pictures, 1991.

Holdaway, Reservoir Dogs, Miramax, 1992.

(As Randolph Brooks) Phillips, Redemption, Argo Home Entertainment, 2003.

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