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BEDI, Kabir 1946


Born January 16, 1946, in Bombay, India; son of Baba Phyare Lal (an author) and Freda Bedi; married second wife, Susan Humphries, c. 1979 (marriage ended); married Nikki (an actress and television personality); children: Pooja (an actress).

Addresses: Agent William Morris Agency, 150 El Camino Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Career: Actor. Appeared in television and magazine advertisements. Once owned an advertising firm.

Awards, Honors: Several awards for documentary films and commercials, c. 1970; Tele 7 Jours Award, 1980; Goldener Television Otto Award, Bravo magazine, 1980; Maschera d'Argento International, 1999; Abby Award (advertising industry award), 2003.


Film Appearances:

Seema, 1971.

Hulchul, 1971.

Sazaa, 1972.

Rakhi Aur Hathkadi, 1972.

Roopa, Kachche Dhaage, 1973.

Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain (also known as Miles to Go ), 1974.

Ishq Ishq Ishq (also known as Love, Love, Love ), Eros International, 1974.

Uday, Nagin, Shankar Movies, 1976.

Title role, Il corsaro nero (also known as The Black Pirate ), American International Pictures, 1976.

Bullet, 1976.

Swashbuckler, 1976.

Vishwasghaat (also known as The Betrayal ), 1977.

Sandokan, La tigre e ancora viva: Sandokan alla riscossa!, Cineriz, 1977.

Malik, Ashanti (also known as Ashanti, Land of No Mercy ), Warner Bros., 1979.

The succubus, Satan's Mistress (also known as Dark Eyes, Demon Rage, and Fury of the Succubus ), Motion Picture Marketing, 1982.

Artist, Girl from India, 1982.

Gabriel Bagradian, 40 Days of Musa Dagh, 1982.

Gobinda, Octopussy, MetroGoldwynMayer/United Artists, 1983.

Terrorist commander, Terminal Entry, United Film Distribution, 1986.

Koura, Escuadron (also known as Counterforce and Escuadron: Counterforce ), 1987.

Akbar, The Beast of War (also known as The Beast ), Columbia, 1988.

Mera Shikar, 1988.

Sanjay, Khoon Bhari Mang, Atlantic Video, 1988.

Yeh Aag Kab Bujhegi, 1991.

Vishkanya, 1991.

Digvijay Singh, Dil Aashna Hai, H. M. Creations, 1992.

Mr. Singhal, Yalgaar, Eros International, 1992.

Thakur Ganga Singh, Kshatriya (also known as Warriors ), Worldwide Entertainment Group, 1992.

Moulet, Beyond Justice (also known as Desert Law ), Trimark Pictures, 1992.

Salaam, 1993.

Rajan, Kismat, 1995.

Police inspector, Aatank Hi Aatank, 1995.

Brigadier Bedi, Kohram, 1999.

Rana Pratap, Kranti, Eastern Film Corp., 2002.

Mr. Varma, Maine Dil Tujhko Diya, 2002.

Yeti, Anita and Me, Icon Film Distribution, 2002.

Chote Pathan, Talaash, Chiragdeep International, 2003.

Mr. Zakaria, The Hero, Pathfinder Pictures, 2003.

Rudraksh, Karma Entertainment, 2003.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Sandokan, Sandokan (also known as Der Tiger von Malaysia ), 1976.

Mohammad, On Wings of Eagles, NBC, 1986.

Moulay Zair, Il principe del deserto (also known as Lion of the Desert and Maktub le legge del deserto ), 1989.

I Misteri della giungla nera (also known as The Mysteries of the Dark Jungle and Das Geheimnis des schwarzen Dschungels ), 1990.

Chandragupta, The Maharaja's Daughter (also known as Die Tochter des Maharadschas ), 1994.

Abdul, OP Center (also known as Tom Clancy's "OP Center "), ABC, 1995.

Sandokan, Il ritorno di Sandokan (also known as The Return of Sandokan ), 1996.

Napoleon, Noi siamo angeli (also known as We Are Angels ), 1996.

Sandokan, Il figlio de Sandokan (also known as The Son of Sandokan ), 1998.

Friar Sand, The Lost Empire (also known as Monkey KingEin Krieger zwischen den Welten ), NBC, 2001.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Dr. Charles Malik, Eleanor, First Lady of the World, CBS, 1982.

Khatib Nasif, Hostage Flight, NBC, 1985.

Koura, Counterforce, syndicated, 1991.

Kabir, Lie Down with Lions (also known as Red Eagle ), Lifetime, 1994.

Khamis bin Abdullah, Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search for Livingstone, ABC, 1997.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Farouk Ahmed, "The Cliff," Dynasty, ABC, 1982.

Farouk Ahmed, "The Roof," Dynasty, ABC, 1982.

Farouk Ahmed, "The Plea," Dynasty, ABC, 1982.

"Mr. Smith Rescues Bobo," Mr. Smith, NBC, 1983.

Kruger, "The Java Tiger," The Master, NBC, 1984.

Ahmed Kamal, "Mirage," Riptide, NBC, 1984.

Vascone, "Knight Sting," Knight Rider, NBC, 1985.

Leo Zukoff, "The Beautiful and the Dead: Parts 1 & 2," Hunter, NBC, 1986.

Farouk Ahmed, "The Cry," Dynasty, ABC, 1986.

Farouk Ahmed, "The Vendetta" (also known as "The Choice"), Dynasty, ABC, 1986.

Dousseau, "The Second Finest Man Who Ever Lived," Stingray, NBC, 1987.

Birmanyi/Bill, "Here's Why Cosmetics Should Come in Unbreakable Bottles," The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, NBC, 1987.

Birmanyi/Bill, "Here's Why There Are Instances When Vegetables Aren't Necessarily Good for You," The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, NBC, 1987.

Birmanyi/Bill, "Here's Another Bedtime Story," The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, NBC, 1987.

Vikram Singh (some sources cite Vikram Akbar), "Curse of the Daanau," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1988.

Malcolm, "Legend of the Lost Art," Magnum, P.I., CBS, 1988.

Kamir, "The Wrath of Kali," Highlander, syndicated, 1995.

Aristotle Drago, "The Blonde Woman," Team Knight Rider, syndicated, 1998.

Television Appearances; Series:

Lord Rama, General Hospital, ABC, 1983.

Colonel Carlos Demitri, One Life to Live (also known as One Life to Live: The Summer of Seduction ), ABC, 1986.

Prince Omar Rashid, The Bold and the Beautiful (also known as Belleza y poder ), CBS, 19941995.

Television Appearances; Other:

Prince Taj, The Thief of Baghdad, 1978.

Gar the Draikian, The Archer: Fugitive from the Empire (pilot; also known as The Archer and the Sorceress and Fugitive from the Empire ), NBC, 1981.



Himself, Inside "Octopussy, " 2000.


Author of fiction and magazine articles.



Kabir Bedi Official Site,, July 11, 2003.