Alter, Lori Anne (Lori Alter, Lori Ann Alter)

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Alter, Lori Anne (Lori Alter, Lori Ann Alter)





Film Appearances:

(As Lori Ann Alter) Singer/dancer, Sing, TriStar, 1989.

Shirley, Senior Trip (also known as La folle excursion de National Lampoon, National Lampoon's "Senior Trip," and Senior School), New Line Cinema, 1995.

Wife Terry, One Tough Cop, Columbia TriStar, 1998.

(As Lori Alter) Kay, Avenging Angelo, Warner Bros., 2002.

Television Appearances; Series:

Renata D'Alessandro, Power Play, UPN, 1998-2000.

(As Lori Alter) Stokley Mullins, Leap Years, Showtime, 2001.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Girl singer, Widows, ABC, 2002.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Kissingers' secretary, Kissinger and Nixon, 1995.

Toni Stafford, Club Land, Showtime, 2001.

(As Lori Alter) Sandra Allen, The One, 2003.

(As Lori Alter) Juanita, The Cheetah Girls, Disney Channel, 2003.

Mona Wise, Beat Cops, 2003.

Louise, Anonymous Rex, Sci-Fi Channel, 2004.

(As Lori Alter) Juanita, The Cheetah Girls 2, Disney Channel, 2006.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Naked Truth," The Great Defender, Fox, 1995.

Sheryl, "Kung Fu Blues," Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, 1995.

Stewardess, "More Monster Blood," Goosebumps (also known as Ultimate Goosebumps), 1996.

Mariana, "The Director Files," Once a Thief (also known as John Woo's "Once a Thief"), 1998.

(As Lori Alter) Mrs. Astin number two, "Four Mergers and a Funeral," Traders, 1999.

(As Lori Alter) Sylvia Ehrengraf, "Emancipation," Earth: Final Conflict (also known as EFC, Gene Roddenbery's "Earth: Final Conflict", Invasion planete terre, and Mission Erde: Sie sind unter uns), syndicated, 1999.

(As Lori Alter) "Some Like It … Not," Twice in a Lifetime, 2000.

Nikki, "E Pluribus Unum," The Associates, 2001.

(As Lori Alter) "Collateral Damage," Blue Murder (also known as En quete de preuves), 2001.

Juanita, "The Frog Prince," The Zack Files, 2001.

Open Mike with Mike Bullard (also known as Open Mike and The Mike Bullard Show), 2003.

Francesca, wedding planner, "The Fugitive," Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, 2003.

Miss Connor, "Pick Your Poison," Doc, 2003.

(As Lori Alter) Dr. Elly Tanner, "Delusional," 1-800-MISSING (also known as Missing), Lifetime, 2004.

Anna Dryden, This Is Wonderland, 2004.

(As Lori Alter) Candy Hartfield, "The Strip Club Murder," Til Death Do Us Part (also known as Love You to Death), 2007.

(As Lori Alter) Robin Graves, "Evil Eyes," 72 Hours: True Crime, 2007.

Also appeared in "Forgiveness and Other Phalasies," P.R.