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UT TeleCampus (UTTC)–Online Courses and Degrees
Austin, Texas

Distance Learning Program

UT TeleCampus–based programs and courses are composed of the same rigorous content found on-site at UT's fifteen institutions. From application to graduation, students face the same general expectations and receive the same high-quality courses on site or online. Online courses follow a semester schedule, allowing flexibility during the week for study and participation in Web-based group discussions. An on-line syllabus identifies when tests and projects are due.

Online programs are designed with no campus visits required. Students can learn from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

Delivery Media

The UT TeleCampus uses Internet technologies for course delivery and student support via the World Wide Web. Courses may also utilize additional distance education tools, including CDs, audiotapes and videotapes, streaming video and audio, e-mail, discussion groups, and chat rooms.

Programs of Study

The UT TeleCampus offers online master's degrees, bachelor's degree-completion programs, undergraduate courses, nursing programs, professional development, and various other courses and certification programs.

The M.B.A. in general management is a 48-hour program that received the 2001 U.S. Distance Learning Association's Excellence in Distance Learning Programming award.

The Master of Public Administration is a 36-hour nonthesis program de signed to provide students with the skills needed for effective public leadership.

The M.S. in technology is offered with a human resource development option. This 36-hour nonthesis program is ideal for corporate trainers, HR directors, and administrators in education, as well as others with an interest in technology for human resource development. Certification programs in office education, trade and industrial, and health science technology are available with this degree plan.

Designed for individuals with significant ability in a science discipline as well as a serious commitment to teaching, the online Masters of Arts in teaching science education prepares educators in research and pedagogy focused on science content. It also serves as an appropriate program when ultimately pursuing a sciences-based Ph.D.

Physical educators, athletics directors, wellness trainers, and coaches can earn their master's degree in kinesiology online from their choice of four UT campuses. This 36-hour program received the 2002 U.S. Distance Learning Association's Excellence in Distance Learning Programming award.

The 36-hour M.Ed. in educational technology is designed for teachers, technology coordinators, administrators, and corporate trainers who want to excel at integrating technology into their curriculum.

The 36-hour M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction with a literacy emphasis includes a Master Reading Teacher (MRT) certification program, a reading specialist certification program, and a four-course English as a second language (ESL) endorsement program. The ESL course work can also be taken separately.

A four-course superintendent certification program, UTOPS, prepares candidates for superintendent certification in Texas.

An alternative teacher certification program (ATCP Online) is available to individuals with bachelor's degrees in areas other than education wanting to become fully-certified teachers.

Online nursing programs include an RN to BSN program, which offers the five required nursing courses for registered nurse students to complete their B.S. in nursing degree, and a graduate certificate in nursing education, a three-course program designed for registered nurses interested in pursuing the role of a nurse educator.

The University of Texas (UT) System offers online degree programs and courses via the award-winning UT TeleCampus (UTTC). The UT TeleCampus is the central support center for online learning within the UT System's institutions. Students can access virtual classrooms, links to University services and offices, a UT TeleCampus digital library, and many other service features. Launched in May 1998, the UT TeleCampus gives students the assurance of accredited universities, expert faculty members, and quality online education, along with the support services students need to succeed. The UT TeleCampus has received numerous national and regional awards since its development. All UT campuses participating in UT TeleCampus–based degrees are SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accredited. To learn more about online degrees or courses, prospective students should visit the UTTC Web site or contact student services via the information at the end of this description.

A bachelor's degree completion program in criminology and criminal justice is available entirely online. The program consists of 66 hours of upper-level course work.

Other areas of academic study include most general undergraduate curriculum required in Texas, an under-graduate track in management information systems, a Chess in Education Program, a blood bank technology program, and a borders studies certificate.

Special Programs

The UT TeleCampus also facilitates the delivery of professional development training in a wide range of topics. Interested students should visit the UTTC Web site and follow the links to CEO (Career Enhancement Online) to view the catalog.

Student Services

The UT TeleCampus was designed with the online student in mind. It provides all of the services students need to succeed, including technical support (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days each year), an extensive digital library, and free online academic support that provides students with tutorials and writing labs. In addition, several liaisons are available at each campus to aid online students with questions about the library, registration, financial aid, veteran's affairs, and more.

Credit Options

Transfer credit toward online courses and programs is generally the same as comparable on-site programs. Students should contact the program advisers listed on the UT TeleCampus Web site for specifics.


The same expert faculty members who teach on-campus courses at the University of Texas campuses teach online academic courses offered through the UT TeleCampus. Courses are designed and developed by these faculty members with production support and faculty development provided by the UT TeleCampus.


Admission criteria and processes for online offerings are generally the same as on-site courses. It is advisable to start the initial application process at least 90 days prior to the beginning of a semester. Applications may be down-loaded from links within the UT TeleCampus. Students may use e-mail, fax, and phone to facilitate the process in most cases.

Tuition and Fees

The amount of tuition and fees charged by each UT System institution varies and is based on residency status. Students should access the UT TeleCampus Web site for links to campus tuition and fee information.

Financial Aid

Financial aid opportunities are available for students enrolled in UT TeleCampus courses. Links to financial aid offices are found within the UT TeleCampus Web site.


Student Services
UT TeleCampus
The University of Texas System
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Phone: 888-TEXAS-16 (toll-free)
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E-mail: [email protected]
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Prospective students need to apply and be admitted to the UT System institution offering their course or degree program. Depending on the program of interest, different campuses participate.

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