Ner Israel Rabbinical College: Tabular Data

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400 Mount Wilson Ln.
Baltimore, MD 21208
Tel: (410)484-7200; Admissions: (410)484-7200; Fax: (410)484-3060
President/CEO: Rabbi Herman Neuberger
Registrar: Rabbi C. D. Lapidus
Admissions: Rabbi Berel Weisbord
Financial Aid: Moshe Pelberg

Type: Comprehensive

Sex: Men

Affiliation: Jewish

Admission Plans: Early Admission; Deferred Admission

H.S. Requirements: High school diploma required; GED accepted

Costs Per Year: Comprehensive fee: $13,750 includes full-time tuition ($6750) and college room and board ($7000). College room only: $3500.

Calendar System: Semester, Summer Session Available

Enrollment: FT 353, Grad 210

Faculty: FT 22, PT 0

Credit Hours For Degree: 120 credits, Bachelors

Professional Accreditation: AARTS