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Slidell, Louisiana

Distance Learning Program

Grantham University's degree programs are offered through distance education, or e-learning, formats. None of the programs require on-campus or in-classroom attendance. Grantham students are not required to log on to the Internet on specific days or at specific times. Grantham students enjoy self-paced, self-directed methods of study and course completion. This unique method of learning is advantageous for those students with full-time jobs or who have family or other commitments that do not allow them to participate in a regular classroom environment. Other students who are attracted to the Grantham model are those who travel extensively or find that the nearest college or university may be hundreds of miles away. Grantham University also attracts thousands of military students who appreciate the benefit of being able to complete classes from anywhere in the world. These military students never have to worry about frequent deployments or transfers because they can take their course work with them and complete it anywhere at anytime.

Delivery Media

Grantham utilizes the latest technologies to deliver courses electronically to students in more than twenty-six countries. Students have a special section of Grantham's Internet Web site to access course materials, announcements, e-mails, and grades or to request proctor notices, contact the faculty members and school administration, and more. Online testing and grading provides students with immediate test results to ensure that students can work at their own pace. New students take DE-100, a course designed to help them understand the Grantham distance education/e-learning method of course completion and to inform them of the wide array of services offered by Grantham.

Programs of Study

Associate and bachelor's degree programs are offered in business administration, computer engineering technology, computer science, criminal justice, electronics engineering technology, engineering management, general studies, interdisciplinary studies, information systems, and software engineering technology. Master of Business Administration and Master of Science degree programs are offered in information management technology, information management–project management, and information technology.

Each degree program is designed around a semester method of completion. A typical Grantham semester consists of four courses (12 credit hour minimum), and students have eight weeks to complete each course. Students may opt to accelerate the courses and semester using the self-paced, self-directed methods of study.

Students must complete 60 credit hours for an associate degree, of which 15 credit hours must be completed with Grantham. The bachelor's programs require 120–125 credit hours, of which 30 credit hours must be completed with Grantham. The master's degree programs require 36 credit hours of which 27 credit hours must be completed with Grantham.

Information technology has transformed the country's economy and created an enormous demand for expertise in business administration, computer science, and engineering technology. For more than fifty years, Grantham has designed degree programs to meet the needs of working adults and the employers that hire them. Grantham University's courses and degree programs are shaped to ensure that students learn the latest technologies and their underlying fundamental principles. Thousands of students throughout the world have discovered the benefits of the Grantham distance education delivery model.

Established in 1951, Grantham University has earned the distinction of being one of the oldest fully accredited colleges offering distance education in the United States. Recognized as a leading institution of higher learning by graduate schools, global employers, and the United States military, Grantham has matriculated thousands of technology and engineering students from around the world for more than 50 years.

Grantham University is located in Slidell, Louisiana, across Lake Pontchartrain from the old city of New Orleans. Once an area of summer homes and fishing camps, Slidell is now a bustling community that resides near high technology firms like the Stennis Space Center, the new high-tech Naval Support Center, and a local office for the National Weather Service.

Grantham University has always been on the forefront of engineering and computer science academic programs and delivers high quality educational programs. The University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), a national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Credit Options

Grantham accepts transfer of credits from other accredited institutions and military transcripts using the American Council on Education's guidelines. More information about this important benefit is available online at Grantham's Web site listed below.


Grantham's faculty comprises distinguished educators, many of whom have affiliations with renowned schools such as Harvard, MIT, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University. Grantham's faculty, administration, and board of advisers include prominent scholars and leading business executives who remain active in their professions by consulting, conducting seminars, writing, and operating their own businesses.


Students wishing to apply to Grantham must have earned a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Foreign students must report their TOEFL score or take the TOEFL test prior to admittance.

Tuition and Fees

Grantham University's tuition and fees are affordable and competitive. Interested students should contact the Admissions Department or visit Grantham's Web site (listed below) for current tuition rates and fees.

Financial Aid

Grantham University does not offer any government-subsidized financial aid. Grantham-approved institutional lend-ers include the SLM Financial Corporation, a Sallie Mae company, Key Bank, and Education One, a Bank One company. Prospective students who require financing for tuition and fees may contact Grantham's Admissions Department at the e-mail address listed below for more information about applying for these student loans.


DeAnn Wandler
Director of Admissions
Grantham University
34641 Grantham College Road
Slidell, Louisiana 70460-6815
Phone: 800-955-2527 (toll-free)
Fax: 985-649-1812 or 4183
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:


Students may apply to Grantham at any time. Grantham University offers continuous enrollment. Students may apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using the school's online enrollment services.

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