Financial Aid for East European Studies

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East European Studies


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To support the training or research of students, professionals, and postdoctorates who are interested in careers in Hungarian studies.

Title of Award: American Hungarian Foundation Fellowships and Scholarships Area, Field, or Subject: East European studies Level of Education for which Award is Granted: Graduate, Professional, Postdoctoral, Undergraduate Number Awarded: 1 or more each year. Funds Available: Fellowship awards vary in amount, according to demonstrated need and availability of funds. Duration: Up to 1 year.

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be either 1) currently-enrolled full-time undergraduate or graduate students at academic institutions in the United States or Canada or 2) individuals who are well established in an academic or professional position. They must be interested in conducting scientific research that increases the existing stock of knowledge about Hungary and the Hungarian people; in pursuing advanced studies about the Hungarian culture; or in publishing works that describe the results of existing research studies. No age limit is set for applicants, but fellowships are generally not offered to persons under 18 years of age. The funded project may take place in Hungary, the United States, or any other appropriate location.


c/o University of Alberta
450 Athabasca Hall
Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2E8
Tel: (780)492-2972
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To provide financial assistance to Canadian undergraduate students majoring in a field related to Ukrainian or Ukrainian Canadian studies.

Title of Award: Leo J. Krysa Family Undergraduate Scholarship Area, Field, or Subject: Canadian studies; Education; European studies; Humanities; Social sciences; Ukrainian studies Level of Education for which Award is Granted: Four Year College Number Awarded: 1 each year. Funds Available: The maximum stipend is $C3,500. Duration: 8 months; nonrenewable.

Eligibility Requirements: This program is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are entering the final year of study for an undergraduate degree at a college or university in Canada. Applicants' programs must emphasize Ukrainian and/or Ukrainian Canadian studies, through a combination of Ukrainian and east European or Canadian courses in education, history, humanities, or the social sciences. Selection is based on overall academic record, performance in Ukrainian-content courses, a working sample, and community involvement. Deadline for Receipt: February of each year. Additional Information: Recipients may attend any Canadian university.

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Financial Aid for East European Studies

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Financial Aid for East European Studies