Earl Warren Legal Training Program

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Earl Warren Legal Training Program

99 Hudson St., Ste. 1600
New York, NY 10013
Ph: (212)965-2200

Herbert Lehman Education Scholarships (Undergraduate/Scholarship)

Purpose: To provide students financial assistance in entering college. Focus: General studies. Qualif.: Applicants must be students entering four-year college as a full-time student for the first time; a U.S. citizens; be of excellent character with recommendations from teachers, community representatives or employers; have exceptional leadership potential with an ability to work well in diverse settings. Criteria: Award is given to a candidate with an outstanding potential as evidenced by high school academic records, test scores, and personal essays.

Funds Avail.: $ 2000. To Apply: Applications must be requested by writing to The Herbert Lehman Education Fund; application materials must be typed or neatly printed in ink and they must conform to program guidelines. Deadline: April 30.

Remarks: Named after the former Governor and United States Senator from New York State;

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Earl Warren Legal Training Program

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