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Online Distance Learning Program
The Center for Online and Continuing Education

Burlington, Vermont

Distance Learning Program

Champlain College is a pioneer in the use of computer technologies in distance learning applications. Champlain College OnLine serves hundreds of students in the United States and internationally. Champlain offers complete degree and professional certificate programs that may be accessed online at any time of day.

Champlain College is an independent, nonprofit four- and two-year college. It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It first offered distance learning courses in 1993, with more than eighty courses offered in 2004–05.

Delivery Media

Those who have access to a computer and the World Wide Web can access Champlain College OnLine. Once connected, students find messages posted from the instructor and classmates either in the course forum or in private e-mail. All communication occurs online and includes discussion comments from classmates, lectures, instructional material, and assignments. The material covered in Champlain College's online classes is the same as in traditional courses. New accelerated online courses allow students to complete their class in seven weeks.

Programs of Study

Champlain College offers an extensive array of traditionally delivered, career-oriented four- and two-year degrees and professional certificates. Through its distance learning program, the College offers Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees in accounting, business, computer and digital forensics, e-business management, global networks and telecommunications, international business, management, software development, and Web site development and management. Bachelor in Science (B.S.) degrees are offered in business, computer and digital forensics, e-business management, professional studies, software engineering, and Web site development and management, all of which are designed to complement associate degrees in career areas. Professional certificates are offered online in all of these career areas. A Master of Science (M.S.) degree is offered in managing innovation and information technology.

Professional certificates require successful completion of 12 to 24 credits. Associate degrees require completion of 60 credits, half of which must be taken through Champlain College. The bachelor's degree requires completion of 120 credits, at least 45 of which must be taken through Champlain. The master's degree consists of 36 credits. Students can also take individual undergraduate courses on a nonmatriculated basis.

Special Programs

The College has several expanding international programs that offer degree programs to students in India and the United Arab Emirates. These programs incorporate distance learning into the curriculum.

Corporate partnerships are also available for businesses that are interested in training employees. Since classes are available at any time, from anywhere the Internet can be accessed, distance learning allows businesses to offer high-quality training programs to employees—even when different shifts, different locations, and even different time zones are involved.

Student Services

Champlain College provides a number of services to adult learners. Distance learners receive academic advising from the Advising and Registration Center and the Career Planning Office, a full range of online library services, tutoring, and access to the computer Help Desk and an online bookstore.

Credit Options

Students may transfer credits earned through other accredited postsecondary institutions. Depending on the program selected, students may also transfer credit for life/work experience or credits from approved testing programs. Champlain accepts credit through approved portfolio assessment programs, CLEP, DANTES, and PONSI.

Since 1878, Champlain College has been dedicated to providing education that reflects the realities and needs of the contemporary workplace. It offers professional certificates, two- and four-year degree programs, and a master's program designed to provide sound professional training or updating for careers in today's complex world, as well as to provide broadening education in the humanities and general education. Champlain College is recognized as one of the leading career-building colleges in northern New England, and it has earned the respect of business, technical, and human services professions for its outstanding career-oriented education.


Champlain's strength lies in its faculty. More than 120 full-time and part-time faculty members focus their primary energies on teaching. Faculty members have completed programs of advanced study, and many have doctoral or terminal degrees.


Admission requirements for degree programs include graduation from a recognized secondary school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate and submission of SAT or ACT scores. Students who have been out of high school for several years, who may not have taken all of the course work that is required for acceptance to a particular major, or who have not taken SAT or ACT tests, should speak with an admission counselor or academic adviser about how to apply. Admission to the certificate program requires submission of a high school transcript (or GED) and a current resume. Given the method of instructional delivery, online students should be self-motivated and possess effective reading and writing skills as well as basic computer skills. Master's degree candidates must possess a bachelor's degree and have at least two years of professional experience.

Tuition and Fees

In 2004–05, tuition for undergraduate programs was $400 per credit; most courses are 3 credits. The application fee was $40.

The tuition for the master's degree program was $440 per credit. The application fee was $50.

Textbooks may be purchased online through the bookstore. There are no additional fees.

Financial Aid

Payment and financial aid options depend on personal circumstances and whether students attend full- or part-time. The College participates in several federal financial aid programs, including Federal Pell Grant and Federal Stafford Student Loan, and state loan and grant programs.


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Students may enroll for online undergraduate courses as nonmatriculating students by registering online or by mail, fax, or telephone. The College reviews applications for degree programs when they are received. A short, online orientation is required for all online students prior to gaining access to their courses.