Chan Is Missing

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Chan Is Missing ★★★ 1982

Two cab drivers try to find the man who stole their life savings. Wry, low-budget comedy filmed in San Francisco's Chinatown was an art-house smash. The first full-length American film produced exclusively by an Asian-American cast and crew. 80m/B VHS, DVD . Wood Moy, Marc Hayashi, Laureen Chew, Judy Mihei, Peter Wang, Presco Tabios, Frankie Allarcon, Virginia Cerenio, Roy Chan, George Woo, Emily Yamasaki, Ellen Yeung; D: Wayne Wang; W: Wayne Wang, Terrel Seltzer, Isaac Cronin; C: Michael G. Chin; M: Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo. Natl. Film Reg. ’95.