Talenti, Francesco

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Talenti, Francesco (c.1300–69). Florentine architect. He worked at Orvieto Cathedral in the 1320s, and succeeded Pisano at Florence Cathedral in c.1343. He completed the upper stages of the campanile from that time, and continued working at the Duomo (1351–64, 1366–8), building the nave and helping to finalize the design of the east end, including the octagon. His son, Simone di Francesco Talenti (c.1330/5–after 1383), also worked at the Duomo, and designed the ground-floor arcade of the Church of Or San Michele (1360s), but his most celebrated building is the Loggia dei Lanzi, Piazza della Signoria, Florence (1376–81), with Benci di Cione (fl. 1337–81) and others.


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