Squire, Raglan

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Squire, Raglan (1912–2004). English architect. With Rodney Thomas (1902–96) and George Edric Neel (1914–52) he designed the Arcon House, one of the post-1945 prefabs erected under the Temporary Housing Programme. In 1948 his firm converted all the houses in Eaton Square, London, into apartments, for the Grosvenor Estate, retaining the façades. He carried out numerous commissions in the Middle and Far East. His winning submission (1957) for a mausoleum to house the body of Mohammed Ali Jinnah (1876–1948), founder of Pakistan, was for a huge star-shaped structure consisting of interlinked hyperbolic paraboloids of concrete (unrealized). He published Portrait of an Architect (1985).


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