Railton, William

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Railton, William (c.1801–77). British architect. He was Architect to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners (1838–48), but his economical parsonages and Gothic Revival churches (such as St Paul's, Woodhouse Eaves, Leics. (1836–7)) did not win the approval of the ecclesiologically-minded. He is best known for the Nelson Memorial, Trafalgar Square, London (1839–43), a Corinthian column on a pedestal carrying a statue of the Admiral. The four lions by Sir Edwin Landseer (1802–73) which were added later (1867) were not part of his design. His account of the ‘Temple at Cadachio, in Corfu’ was published in the supplementary volume of Stuart and Revett's Antiquities of Athens in 1830.


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Railton, William

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