Questel, Charles-Auguste

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Questel, Charles-Auguste (1807–88). French architect, he studied under ( Antoine-Marie Peyre (1770–1843—see peyre family)) Blouet, and Duban, and began his career with a competent, tough, Neo-Romanesque design for the Church of St-Paul, Place de la Madeleine, Nîmes (1835–49). Also in Nîmes the handsome Classical Palais de Justice (begun 1838) is by him. His restoration of St-Martin-d'Ainay, Lyons, and the furnishings he designed for the same church were much admired when they were exhibited in 1855. Later work was much influenced by the Quattrocento. He designed the Hospital, Gisors, Eure (1859–61), the Hôtel de la Préfecture (1862–7), and the Musée Bibliothèque (1863–70), the last two both in Grenoble, Isère.


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