Pilgram, Anton

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Pilgram, Anton (c.1450–1515). Master-mason and architect, born probably in Brno, Moravia. His first work was the Church of St Kilian, Heilbronn (c.1482–90), much influenced by the work of Buchsbaum. He was involved in the building of the Parish Church, Wimpfen-am-Berg near Heilbronn (1493–7), and then worked on the Church of St James, Brno (1502). He designed the Judentor (Jews' Gate—1508) and the staircase to St James's School (1510), also in Brno, both destroyed in C19. He moved to Vienna, where he carved the organ base (1513) and the pulpit (1514–15), containing self-portraits, in the Stephansdom (St Stephen's Cathedral). He designed rooms in the Niederösterreichisches Landhaus (Building of the Lower Austrian Diet), Vienna (1513–15), and may have been responsible for the choir of the Parish Church, Freistadt, Austria (1513–15).


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