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478. Opportunism

  1. Arabella, Lady squires wife matchmakes with money in mind. [Br. Lit.: Doctor Thorne ]
  2. Ashkenazi, Simcha shrewdly and unscrupulously becomes merchant prince. [Yiddish Lit.: The Brothers Ashkenazi ]
  3. Butler, Rhett southerner interested only in personal gain from Civil War. [Am. Lit.: Gone With the Wind ]
  4. carpetbaggers northern politicians who settled in the South to control the Negro vote. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 84]
  5. Cowperwood, Frank A. capitalist involves politicians in shady dealings. [Am. Lit.: The Financier, Magill I, 280282]
  6. Nostromo entrusted with a cargo of silver, manages to conceal some for his own gain. [Br. Lit.: Conrad Nostromo ]
  7. Peters, Ivy shyster lawyer capitalizing in New Frontier territory. [Am. Lit.: A Lost Lady ]
  8. Ravenel, Gontran de weds peasants plain daughter to obtain land. [Fr. Lit.: Mont-Oriol, Magill I, 618620]
  9. Wallingford, Get-Rich-Quick ingenious rascal of high finance; quasi-lawful. [Am. Lit.: Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford, Hart, 150]