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447. Miserliness (See also Stinginess.)

  1. Collyer brothers (Homer, 18821947) (Langely, 18861947) wealthy brothers who lived barren and secluded lives in junk-laden Harlem mansion. [Am. Hist.: Facts (1947) 116; Am. Lit.: My Brothers Keeper.]
  2. Grandet, Monsieur his loathsome miserliness and greed ruin the lives of his family. [Fr. Lit.: Eugenie Grandet in Magill I, 258]
  3. Green, Hetty (18341916) Witch of Wall Street; financial wizard whose miserliness became legendary. [Am. Hist.: The Day They Shook the Plum Tree ]
  4. Harpagon his hoard of money means more to him than do his children. [Fr. Drama: Moliere The Miser ]
  5. Marner, Silas cares only to amass gold; robbed of it, he finds new meaning in love for abandoned child. [Br. Lit.: Benét, 930]
  6. McTeague, Trina loves to count her hoard of coins, is niggardly with her husband. [Am. Lit.: McTeague, Magill I, 537; Am. Cinema: Greed, Halliwell, 176]
  7. Plyushkin incredibly miserly landowner serves Tchitchikov a year-old Easter cake. [Russ. Lit.: Gogol Dead Souls ]
  8. Scrooge grasping old sinner who learns that miserliness leads only to loneliness and pain. [Br. Lit.: A Christmas Carol in Benét, 196]