Maruscelli, Paolo

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Maruscelli, Paolo or Paolo Marucelli (1596–1649). Italian Baroque architect of the time of Bernini, Borromini, and Cortona. He designed the Chiesa Nuova, Perugia (1629–65), and the Casa dei Filippini, Rome (1622–36), which Borromini transformed after 1637. At the Palazzo Medici-Madama, Rome (1637–42), he enlarged the building and composed the impressive façade (1638–9), loosely derived from the Palazzo Farnese. From 1633 until his death he was involved in the rebuilding of the Palazzo Spada-Capodiferro, and was architect for several buildings, notably the Theatine House, Sant'Andrea della Valle (from 1629), the Sacristy of Santa Maria dell'Anima (1636–44), and a wing attached to the cloister of Santa Maria sopra Minerva (1638–42), all in Rome.


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