Lemercier, Pierre

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Lemercier, Pierre (fl. early and mid-C16). French architect, supposedly the designer of the Church of St-Eustache, Paris (begun 1532), an interesting building on a typical French Gothic plan with apsidal east end, ambulatory, radiating chapels, and transepts, but almost entirely Renaissance in its detail, including the tracery, which, though superficially Gothic, is transformed by the patterns and ornament. In 1552 he was commissioned to complete the tower of the Church of St-Maclou, Pontoise. His works at St-Eustache and St-Maclou were continued by his son, Nicholas Lemercier (1541–1637), who worked mainly on the nave of the Paris church, dated 1578–80. Nicholas's son was the great Jacques Lemercier.


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Lemercier, Pierre

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