Langhans, Karl Ferdinand

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Langhans, Karl Ferdinand (1781–1869). Son of C. G. Langhans, he studied in Berlin under his father and David Gilly, and settled in Breslau (now Wrocław) in 1815. His own dwelling and other buildings there were clearly influenced by the austere Neo-Classicism of Gentz and F. Gilly. He published works on theatre design, and was among the first to examine the science of acoustics as an influence on the planning of auditoria, outlined in a book on the subject (1810). He designed several theatres, including Breslau (1838–41), Liegnitz (now Legnica, 1841–2), Stettin (now Szczecin, 1846–9), Dessau (1855–6), and Leipzig (1864–8). He was responsible for several buildings in Berlin, including the Palace of Prince Wilhelm, Unter den Linden (1834–6). Much of his work, however, no longer exists.


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Langhans, Karl Ferdinand

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