Jensen-Klint, Peder Vilhelm

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Jensen-Klint, Peder Vilhelm (1853–1930). Danish architect, a pupil of Herholdt. His most celebrated building is Grundtvig's Church, Bispebjerg, Copenhagen, designed 1913, built 1919–26, and soundly based on configurations found in the brick Gothic churches of Northern Europe. It has a steep, stepped, gabled brick front, rather like organ-pipes, and its style is balanced between C19 Historicism and C20 Expressionism. The surrounding buildings form one composition with the church, and were completed by Jensen-Klint's son, Kaare (1888–1954), in 1940. Jensen-Klint, who was informed in his work by traditional Danish brick architecture, was an important influence on architectural education.


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Jensen-Klint, Peder Vilhelm

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