Gumpp, Johann Martin

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Gumpp, Johann Martin (1643–1729). Son of Christoph Gumpp the Younger (1600–72), Court Architect to the Tyrolean Habsburgs and designer of the façade (1635) of the Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church,) and the centrally planned Mariahilfkirche (1647–9), both in Innsbruck. J. M. Gumpp designed the Fugger-Taxis Palace (1679–80), reworked Government House (1690–2), and designed the Spitalkirche (1700–5), all in Innsbruck. He, his father, and his son ( Georg Anton (1682–1754) ) all contributed to the transformation of the great Abbey of Stams with Baroque overlays (1719–25 and 1729–32), while Georg Anton alone designed the adjoining Heiligenblutkapelle (Holy Blood Chapel—1715–17), the distinguished Church of St Johann am Innrain (1729–35), and the Landhaus of the Tyrolean Estates (1724–8). The Gumpps were pioneers of the Baroque style in the Tyrol, working on a number of projects in the area, including the Stiftskirche (Monastery Church), Wilten (from 1649). Johann Martin Gumpp the Younger (1686–1765) designed the south wing of the Hofburg, Innsbruck (1754–6).


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