Fehn, Sverre

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Fehn, Sverre (1924– ). Norwegian architect. With Korsmo and others he was a founder member of the Norwegian division of CIAM, the main aim of which was to oppose New Empiricism and further the Modern Movement. With Geir Grung (1926–89), he designed the House of Crafts, Maihaugen, Lillehammer (1949–56), and the Økern Home for the Elderly, Oslo (1955): the latter was conceived as a large, low-set concrete-and-glass block set in a mature park. In contrast, the Skådalen Residential School, Oslo (1976–7), was designed as a series of small blocks, constructed of red brick, timber, and concrete. His Hadmarksmuseet, Hamar (1973), consisted of an addition to fragments of a medieval building, perhaps not as successful as some have claimed. He was responsible for the Norwegian Pavilion at the Exposition Universelle, Brussels (1958), and for the Scandinavian Pavilions at the Venice Biennales of 1959 and 1964.


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