Dezailler d'Argenville, Antoine-Joseph

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Dezailler d'Argenville, Antoine-Joseph (1680–1765). French writer and engraver. His La Théorie et la pratique du jardinage (1709) codified the formal French garden, and in subsequent editions traced the evolution of the art of gardening through the first half of C18. This important book contained illustrations of parterres by Le Blond. Racine (ed.) (2001); J. T (1996) Dhont, Erik (1962– ). Belgian landscape-architect, renowned for his free and sensitive interpretations of historical garden design. Among his works may be cited the very fine garden, farmyard, and restoration of the surrounding landscape at Baljuwshuis, Gaasbeek, near Brussels (1992–5); the garden and park restoration, Ringenhof, Lier (1997–2000); and private gardens at Kortenberg, Anderlecht, Malderen, Keerbergen, Wilsele, Sterrebeek, Sint-Martens-Lennik, Dworp, Malines, Brussels-Etterbeek, Brussels-Elsene, Dilbeek, Antwerp, Vosselare, Roeselare, Essene, and Sint-Martens-Latern (1989–2001). Recent projects (2002–5) include the restoration of landscape around the Palm Brewery, Diepensteyn, Steenhuffel-Londerzeel, a public park, Schaarbeek, and another private garden at Gaasbeek.


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