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105. Cheerfulness (See also Gaiety, Joviality, Optimism.)

  1. blood humor effecting temperament of sanguineness. [Medieval Physiology: Hall, 130]
  2. coreopsis symbol of cheerfulness because of its bright yellow flowers. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 371]
  3. crocus symbol of cheerfulness. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 383]
  4. LAllegro pastoral idyll; title means the cheerful or merry one. [Br. Lit.: LAllegro in Benét, 2425]
  5. Pollyanna the glad child, extraordinarily optimistic. [Childrens Lit.: Pollyanna ]
  6. Raggedy Ann good-natured despite misadventures; doll with perpetual smile. [Childrens Lit.: Raggedy Ann Stories ]
  7. Sabbaths (Sundays ) child bonny and blithe, good and gay. [Nurs. Rhyme: Opie, 309]
  8. Silver, Mattie Zeenas cousin-companion; brightens Fromes gloomy house. [Am. Lit.: Ethan Frome ]
  9. Singin in the Rain downpour doesnt dampen singers spirits. [Pop. Music: Fordin, 355]
  10. Tapley, Mark Martins ever jovial companion. [Br. Lit.: Martin Chuzzlewit ]
  11. xeranthemum symbolizes good-naturedness in adversity. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 178]